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Travertine and Slate Outdoor Pavers Ideas and Design Suggestions for those Most Visited Exterior Spaces

Travertine and Slate Outdoor Pavers Ideas and Design Suggestions for those Most Visited Exterior Spaces

Natural stone outdoor pavers are versatile options for exterior spaces. Travertine and Slate pavers are the best choices available in a huge range of colors, patterns, and shapes.

These outdoor paver variants are the most stunning, low-cost, and low-maintenance picks for any specific architectural or beautification needs. Outdoor paver outlets in Australia help homeowners find and select the right paver option matching their needs and budget. 

Wondering where to locate travertine and slate pavers near me? Reach out to Stone suppliers in Australia who would assist you in understanding the key quality parameters. Including finding the colour vividness, colour saturation, colour blend, and how long the colour would stay intact. Helping find the best paver manufacturers and exploring the best-suited shapes, patterns, and colours. 

Outdoor travertine and state pavers and tiles have been popular choices for all good reasons. These century-old stone pavers deliver a timeless elegance that seamlessly matches almost any decor and never goes out of fashion. 

Thanks to the natural stone properties, the pavers are perfect for outdoor areas, driveways, patios, pools, hardscapes, stair treads, and more. 

Therefore consider when planning to renovate, design the exterior places. With outdoor pavers, and creative ideas from the outdoor stone pavers near you. 

Go for Chiseled and Tumbled Finish

While indoor flooring tile will have a smoother and more polished finish, exterior pavers are much thicker and available in a more tumbled, rough texture.

Chiseled finishes are popular for outdoor areas for their more rustic look. Honed tiles, have a more polished finish. And can be a great inclusion for grill areas, outdoor kitchens, or anywhere else for refined beauty and exclusive look. 

Select the Right Colour Combination

Look for outdoor travertine and slate pavers near you. Pick those who offer a wide variety of colours, shades, and styles for outdoor paver options.

You’d be surprised to find a variety from ivory pavers that are almost white to mocha with a pinkish hue. There are numerous outdoor pavers offering travertine and slate exterior tiles with their own fancy names and vibrant colour combinations. 

Most bought colours and colour combinations include Gold, Tuscan Blend (mix of dark brown and light beige tiles), Scabos (beige pavers with distinct dark veins of brown, grey, green, gold, and red), Silver (with the cooler shades of grey, these are popular for a more modern look), Light Walnut, Espresso, and much more. 

Pick the Appropriate Pattern

Choosing the appropriate pattern for the outdoor paver also help add value and enhance the overall appearance of the outdoor floor, pavement, and other exterior spaces. Here below are the most used patterns: 

Running Bond pattern with silver or grey pavers is a decent choice for a cool modern look. 

Basket Weave or Herringbone 

French Pattern with chiseled pavers delivers a refined, conventional feel and look to the outdoor patio. 

Let us explore some Pros and Cons of outdoor travertine and slate pavers for exterior areas. 

The Travertine Advantages  

Outdoor slate and travertine pavers are the trendiest natural stone products. In addition to flagstone, limestone, and marble, which primarily go well for large outdoor paving stones. Travertine and slate outdoor pavers are naturally slip-resistant for that great view of outdoor flooring, pool decks, and pool coping. 

Both travertine and slate outdoor pavers are durable for all exterior applications. For freezing climates with thaw cycles, outdoor travertine or slate paver tiles are a smart choice. Travertine and slate outdoor paver stones look just right across the home outdoors next to other floor surfaces like wood, grass, and natural stones. 

The Travertine Drawbacks  

Travertine and slate outdoor pavers tend to be more expensive than any simple concrete paver.  Both added to the homeowners’ overall renovation and construction budgets.  The regular maintenance concerns of most homeowners.

Any outdoor natural stone flooring requires consistent sealing to protect the colour and texture finish. That is the case with most other masonry and stone products as well. Even granite needs regular sealing to ensure long life and glaze to the stone surface. 

Even with higher costs and ongoing maintenance expenses, travertine and slate exterior pavers are the first choice of homeowners, home designers, and nearby outdoor pavers. Reach out to travertine and slate outdoor pavers near you today. For innovative ideas and visions that transform your ordinary exteriors into award-winning projects. 

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