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Turning a Bad Trip Into a Simple, Challenging Experience

In a research carried out in 2021, researchers found some fascinating details about psychedelics. Particularly, participants who used psychedelics said they experienced some weird struggles. The term for such is called ‘bad trip.’ This article examines what leads to such situations and how it can turn a bad trip into a simple challenging experience.

What’s a ‘Bad trip’? What Do Psychedelics Have to Do With it?

Bad trip is the term given to a situation where someone used psychedelic substances (ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, or DMT) and experienced intense or complex emotional struggles afterward. People who experience such things would say they have a ‘bad trip’ or they say things like ‘it was like going crazy.’

Psychedelics have their own benefits, but having a bad trip can be concerning if you haven’t tried them before. So, you might ask, can I turn a bad trip into a simple, challenging experience?

The answer is yes. The result of the research mentioned above states that many of the users of psychedelics found their ‘bad trip’ a little fascinating. For some of them, it is the justification to continue to use it. Others learn a lot more about themselves, which is the purpose of psychedelics in the first place.

For instance, if we go back to the 1950s to around the 1960s, psychedelics were studied and used for therapeutic purposes, especially psychodynamic therapy. They are meant to make the user feel better mentally. Consequently, modern users would share their stories of ‘bad trips’ as part of the healing process.

Yes, a ‘Bad Trip’ Can Become a Simple, Challenging Experience

Psychedelics are great for waking up some intense emotions. They often help users connect or experience intense emotions they ordinarily can’t attain. So, having a ‘bad trip’ after using them is often typical and expected.

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