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While searching art for sale, experts have seen that Artists’ depictions of scenes in art have changed over time. Over time, two main styles of art have emerged: Western and Eastern art. Exploring different painting techniques in greater depth is a fascinating topic that will provide us with insight into the world’s many artistic expressions.

Let’s start with the Western art style.

Nowadays, the Western style of painting is more popular. Abstract painting, modernism, impressionism, and lesser-known genres of art like surrealism and photorealism are all examples of Western art.

1. Modernism:

 In art, modernism refers to works created between 1860 and 1970. It is a revolutionary way of thinking for today’s artists, with no limitations imposed by the traditional method to limit their creative expression.

2. Impressionism 

It is a late-nineteenth-century art movement that began in Paris. Impressionism’s characteristics include the utilization of everyday things, delicate brush strokes, and unique angles.

3. Abstract Art: 

An abstract type of art is an artistic interpretation of reality that is illustrated but not in its truest form. It is a true manifestation of radical philosophy.

4. Expressionism:

Abstract art can take various forms, and one of them is ‘expressionism.’ The artist’s point of view depicts the outpouring of human emotions.

5. Cubism: 

“Everything in nature draws its form from the cylinder, the cone, or the sphere,” said Paul Cezanne, a prominent artist. Surprisingly, this later became the foundation of ‘cubism.’ Geometrical shapes are an important aspect of this style, which is another representation of abstract art.

6. Surrealism

Also known as the movement of the 20th century, Surrealism is an amazing art form from France. It was ought to release the potential of the creative mind, with the help of juxtaposition of the images. This movement was not only a cultural practice for art pieces but also for writing too. 

Post the western Art For Sale, there is also the eastern style that a lot of people buy. 

This side of the Art pieces is known to be inspired by various cultures all around the globe. Let’s explore the eastern part of the arts for sale. 

  1. Chinese Style of Art For Sale Online 

Being considered one of the oldest forms of the art piece, the Chinese Style of Artform also uses calligraphy as part of the art technique with various colored ink on paper and silk. Chinese paintings never use oil paintings. 

  1. Japanese painting style: The Japanese style of producing a painting with only black ink is incredible! The Japanese painting style is influenced by Chinese, Western, and Eastern art.
  2. The Indian Style: As a country with a diverse culture, the art produced here is diverse, ranging from Mughal miniature paintings to Tanjore paintings in the classical style.
  • Typically, Mughal miniature paintings featured the lives of rulers and princes. The artists were intent on capturing beauty in all of its glory.
  • The Rajput kingdoms’ courts had their own particular painting style. The themes of romance, devotion, heroism, and courtly life were prevalent in these Rajput paintings.
  • Tanjore paintings are regarded as the most important from South India due to its use of vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Women in Bihar’s Mithila region traditionally created the Madhubani style of art. The ancient tradition of wall paintings known as Bhitti-Chitra was crucial in the development of Madhubani art.

Are you searching for art for sale online? Well, you can get the best deals on various online art galleries. 

Art For Sale Online with Art Galleries

Since the beginning of time, art galleries have provided an efficient mechanism for vendors and purchasers to communicate. Artists, painters, and sculptors can contact and communicate directly with art consumers, eliminating the need for middlemen. Traditional art galleries fulfill a variety of functions. They make the work of diverse artists accessible to the general public, pay these artists a fair wage for their work, and allow the general public to examine and admire their favorite works of art. Art galleries have aided the development of both artists and art enthusiasts.

Online galleries have evolved into useful educational resources. Online art galleries can be quite beneficial to students learning art. To begin with, surfing web galleries is completely free. The visitor is not charged any money. Art can be observed, analyzed, and scrutinized with patience. It’s a much better option than queuing with the crowds at traditional galleries in the hopes of catching a peek of an artwork. There are high-resolution photos available, as well as full information about the artwork and the craftsman. Art interpretation is also presented for a layman to understand from an artistic standpoint. The web galleries also offer the option of reading art-related articles. 

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