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Types of HVAC Compressor and Their Purposes

HVAC Compressor:

The compressor is an important part of the cooling function for the heating, air conditioning and ventilation. In your HVAC compressor system, the component of an air conditioner is usually a type of refrigerator that dehumidifies and cools the air in the house. It makes you feel cool and comfortable. All the AC, like window AC and portable AC, contains a compressor. However, those are involved in heat transfer to make your home cool. Most of the HVAC compressors are just like a black boxes with lines around them.

Types of the Compressor of HVAC: 

This compressor is a very important component of the air conditioning system. Compressors play an important role in the compressing of refrigerants. It can be entered inside the machine and be able to increase its overall temperature. When the HVAC system becomes heated up, the gas leaves from the compressor and travels into the condenser. The compressor is the part of the HVAC system where the process of cooling begins.

Today, HVAC systems are available in different kinds of the market. Other types of compressors are available, but the function of all the compressors are the same. All types of compressors can have their pros and cons. Different kinds of compressors that are available in AC units are:

  • Reciprocating AC compressor.
  • Scroll AC compressor.
  • Screw AC compressor.
  • Rotary AC compressor.
  • Centrifugal AC compressor.

Reciprocating AC compressor:

This compressor can be the most popular compressor of the HVAC system and is available in the AC unit. In that compressor, the piston is utilized to compress the air. It can be done by the way if moving up and down inside of the cylinder. Although, when the piston starts to move down, it can create a vacuum-like effect that can suck in the refrigerator. After that, when the piston begins to move up, things compress themselves and into the condenser. Reciprocating an AC compressor is a very effective and popular choice for the AC compressor because the AC units will have about eight cylinders within the compressor.

Scroll AC compressor:

A newer kind of compressor available in the market is the scroll AC compressor. So, in those compressors, one fixed coil is composed, which is known as a scroll. The scroll can be located in the center of the unit. Another rotating coil is also present in it that is rotating around the first coil. Moreover, when the process starts, the second coil pushes the refrigerator in the center and then compresses it in the center.

At present, the scroll compressor will become the one popular choice of compressor for the HVAC system. The reason for its popularity is that these compressors will not have too many moving parts so that they are the one reliable choice of compressors for an air conditioner.

Screw AC compressor:

A Screw AC compressor is considered to be efficient and reliable. This type of compressor is used in large buildings, where for cooling, a vast amount of air is required. However, this compressor can also contain two different kinds of helical rotors used to move the air from one end to the other. When the refrigerator starts moving through the compressor, the space gets small and compressed.

Rotary AC compressor:

Another type of that compressor that can be available in several air conditioner units is known as a Rotary AC compressor. However, In terms of size, this compressor is very small and also quiet. Moreover, as they produce no noise, this kind of compressor is preferable in places where noise is considered a major concern. Inside of that compressor, a shaft is present that comes with many blades that are attached to the same. This shaft is then rotating inside of the cylinder. It helps push the refrigerator through the cylinder and also compresses it simultaneously.

Centrifugal AC compressor:

It is a kind of compressor that use centrifugal force to pull in the refrigerator’s gas. After removing the gas, it rapidly spins the gas by using an impeller which helps to compress the same. However, compressors of that kind are reserved for all the extra-large HVAC systems. People utilize different types of HVAC for other purposes, and it can be depending upon their features and applications.


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How are these compressors different from Refrigerator compressors?

That compressor has many differences that ensure you never replace these compressors with the refrigerator compressor and vice versa. Sometimes, it may be possible to replace the compressor. Still, it is very inefficient because the compressor may fail without any warning and harm your whole HVAC and refrigeration system.

Some of the differences between them are:

  • Refrigerants are different, which can be able to cause an instant system failure.
  • There is a difference in the pressure of refrigerants throughout the process of cooling.
  • Difference in the configuration of the condenser coils and evaporator.
  • Also, you may feel the difference in the temperatures of the condenser coils.

The function of the HVAC system: 

The working of an air conditioner is to transfer heat from an enclosed space to the outside air. Moreover, this system removes the hot air in your house through the return vents and over the evaporator coils to provide a cooling effect. Somehow, the excess heat has to exit from the home, where the compressor comes in. Yet, the compressor is a very important part of the HVAC system.

Purpose of HVAC system:

The compressor of that system is responsible for the movement of refrigerant between the coils that are evaporator and condenser coils. It ensured that the refrigerant changes occurred in the gas or liquid as needed. However, you can also say that the compressor can be the heart of the AC system and the refrigerant as blood. 

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