Understand Flannel Fabric For Dressing Up

Understand Flannel Fabric For Dressing Up

It’s safe to say that button-up flannel shirts are this winter’s equivalent of the white tee; they’re a wardrobe essential that can be styled to appear punk, feminine, or completely (wonderfully) simple. Get out of your rut of always wearing a flannel shirt, leggings, and boots by switching things up with these killer fashion hacks.

In this article, I will show you how to wear flannel in ways you’ve never considered before, so you can finally put an end to your boredom (stolen from the most stylish celebrities on your IG feed). You can’t get much more fashionable than these flannel outfit ideas.

With Leggings

What, if anything, can’t you accomplish in a pair of leggings?! You can appear both stylish and relaxed with a boyfriend flannel, tube socks, and your freshest shoes (AKA the perfect combo).


In the time it takes to tie your shoes, you can transform your cosiest flannel into a going-out top. Then, pull up the sleeves or, if you want to go fancy, snip them off.

In Skirt Style 

Winnie Harlow’s trendy plaid style is easy to recreate: all you need are two plaid shirts. Tie one around your waist, and fasten the other like a regular shirt. Put on some shorts and button up your shirt.

Statement With Pants 

Flannels’ multi colored plaids make them ideal for mixing and matching. Drape yours loosely over a pair of pants that match.


Teyana Taylor has shown irrefutably that a baggy plaid shirt may be seductive. Easy as chopping off the cuffs, unbuttoning the top, and piling on the gold jewellery.

Baggy Tops And Mom Jeans 

Kendall Jenner, the normcore king/queen, is fond of wearing loose blouses tucked into slim-fit trousers. This androgynous style is especially attractive because to the high rise that draws attention to your waist.


White Tee And Jeans 

On top of that beat-up moto jacket of yours? Instead of wearing a cardigan over a white tee like everyone else, you should take a cue from Taylor Swift and wear your flannel shirt open.


If you thought khaki pants couldn’t be any more boring, this outfit provides proof otherwise. Wear a bucket hat, log-sole shoes, and a matching flannel for a hipster look.


Instead of pairing it with leggings, rock your sexiest pair of over-the-knee boots with your oversized plaid. Put on some biking shorts if you want some more modesty.

Bike Shorts And Boots

Oversized flannel looks great with a black complementing bike short pair. Wearing a pair of combat boots is a great way to upgrade your ‘fit for the season.

A Simple Waist Belt

Give your basic bodycon dress a hip ’90s vibe in one easy step. The finishing touch is a pair of Converse high tops.

Crop Top And Mini Skirt

Wear your boyfriend’s shirt over a crop top and tiny skirt to channel Ari. This easygoing accessory softens the effect of an otherwise ultrasexy getup.

Create Western Vibe 

Don’t worry, you don’t need Gigi Hadid-level confidence to pull off this look. Instead of wearing two different plaid items together, try pairing a denim midi skirt (or jeans) with some shoes.

Fringe Jacket And Flannel

Your dad’s flannel shirt, but make it trendy. This simple tee is everything but when coupled with an incredibly chic oversized fringe jacket.

Try Blazer Flannel Look

To be fair, this isn’t actually a flannel shirt, but you can totally make your own button-up that looks just like this. Pair it with a bandeau top and huge flares.

Create Girly Vibe 

The feminine mood emerges with the addition of a pink tint. You may wear a flannel jacket or shirt with beautiful unique looking pants. Cute and gentle colours might also look well with ripped jeans. If you want to project a feminine image, this outfit is for you. This outfit is appropriate for college students to wear on a casual day.


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