Unique Housewarming Presents They’ll Actually Love

Moving into a new home can be a lot of mixed emotions after leaving behind the home you have been living in for years, and adjusting to the new area and neighbourhood can be housewarming. The friends, family and relatives that you are leaving behind can be an emotional ride. The Movers Niagara Falls companies have a tremendous job in helping people settle in their new abode with ease and comfort. The extra efforts are made by the movers if you are moving along with kids as they seem much attached to their belongings. Click here for more info!

Whether you have moved all by yourself or booked a mover company, having a housewarming party is essential to let people know you are in the neighbourhood, along with helping kids make new friends. Everyone who doesn’t need company, everyone urges us to have good company, whether it is an adult, kid or elderly person. The friends you make being a social animal is one of the greatest joys of life where you can be just yourself free from all the judging glances of people. There is no better therapy than having friends in your life.

Hosting a housewarming is fun and needs a lot of preparation to welcome everyone. The office colleagues, neighbours, relatives and friends give a lot of thought to what to present as a housewarming gift. The gifting ideas can be many and depend on the personality of the newcomers. The listing below few unique presents as a housewarming gifts:

1. Kitchen appliances-

 Gifting kitchen appliances has been an age-old trend as a housewarming gift. The couple who are moving in might need that appliance for their kitchen. It is better to check beforehand about the appliances they possess through a family member or relative. This has been one of the useful presents for decades, especially for newlywed couples.

2. Electronic appliances- 

The best people think of the best of presents for you, and having an electronic appliance as a gift can be truly amazing. This is one of the gifts that can be used on a daily basis. For example, a vacuum cleaner can be a great appliance for gifting.

3. Basket- 

A congratulatory basket can be very appealing with some red wine to go with it. The basket can be customized as per the receiver like gluten-free, baked snacks or veg dips. It can be a combination and will be appreciated by the hosts for giving it a personal touch.

4. Kitchen Pans- 

The number of pans can never be enough in any household, so gifting a pan or set of pans can be a nice idea. The members of the family can relish a good meal in those gifted pans.

5. Customized name plate- 

A name plate is one of those things that a person takes time to select and then put it. A nameplate as a gift adds to the excitement level of the receiver. The same gift can be told to open every time and hang in front of the guests only, and one can raise a toast to it.

6. Towels- 

The number of towels required in any home is too much and getting a customized towel with your name’s initials is next level cool. Every time that towel is being used it will remind of the guest who gifted it. Adding a personal touch to your presents or gifts adds more value to them.

7. Scented candles- 

It is very essential to know the host before finalizing any gifting item but for the people in the neighbourhood, gifting scented candles is the safest deal for them. The candles can be lit during any event and add a beautiful aroma to the atmosphere.

8. Platters- 

The platters these days are so in. If you are planning to host any get-together, it is one of the essentials to have. There is a chips and dip platter, cheese and dip platter, snacks platter and sweets buffet. All these things bring elegance into the entire hosting and class to the décor of the house. A Movers company will take care of all the delicate crockery and platters gathered over time if you plan to move somewhere else.

9. Vouchers- 

The couple can be presented with spa vouchers after the hustling of home shifting to unwind and have some quality time, or if the household has kids, they can be presented with play area vouchers to have a fun day outside.

10. Plants- 

It is one of the trendiest gift choices and must say it is far better than gifting flowers. There is so much variety of indoor plants which provides oxygen 24*7 and adds greenery to the house. They will grow and be a part of your everyday life.

11. Dream catcher- 

The kids love the dream catcher, and they look so cute to be hanged in the house. It can be customized as per the liking of the kid and be put on the door of the kid’s room.

12. Photo frame- 

This gift never gets old. It is one of the reasons that tell us to get some pictures printed and be made to put on those empty walls. You might lose your phone, or your laptop may crash, but a photo frame can never betray you. The walls with pictures speak for themselves and the lovely memories you have built over years. Anyone who visits the house loves to go through the wall where pictures are placed.

13. Bedcover- 

This might not be unique but is truly a sensible gift for a housewarming party. The new house calls for new bed sheets and bedcovers and this gift will surely add that new factor to the room.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and must say it is the effort that counts rather than the money spent on it. The Movers Brantford company can help you collect those beautiful presents which you got on your farewell from the last home and bring them to you in perfect condition. The people and memories are always intact through those pictures you clicked, the moments you shared and the love you spread. In today’s time, one should take out time to be with nature and spend quality time with family rather than getting stoned by digital gadgets. Visit our website for more info!

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