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Urban modern interior design characteristics

Modern style in interior design is firmly based on today’s views and preferences of people, while not looking back at trends that were earlier than in the near past. The interior, decorated in a modern style, can be both formal and informal, but in no case – frilly or overloaded with details.

The main features of the modern style in interior design solutions.

The modern style in the interior is easy to recognize thanks to its simple and sleek lines. It differs from the traditional style primarily in that it has little to no intricate detail, patterns, or carvings, while all forms have either rigid or slightly curved edges. At the same time, the finish can be of any tone – from very light to the most saturated dark.
Traditional and non-traditional materials are quite often combined with each other here, and new concepts and materials are considered out of order.

Just as the concept of “traditional style” covers a large number of different sub-styles, modern style in the interior remodeling also has its own directions. And just like traditional furniture, the modern furniture is popular all over the world as everyone knows and therefore is often exposed to various influences, including Asian ones.

Next, we will take a look at some of the most popular modern interior decorating styles.

Urban modern style (Urban).

With its high-rise structures and smaller living spaces, urban furniture is largely designed for residents of large cities. As a result, such furniture is typically smaller in size but more intricate and well-thought-out.

The modern urban style in the interior is determined by the following characteristics:

  •  clear straight lines and shapes;
  •  very little ornament;
  •  black is used in conjunction with a range of bright or primary colors;
  •  a wide range of materials is available such as metal, light wood, glass, leather, and microfiber.

Modern Retro style in the interior.

Modern retro interior design is a whimsical take on a bygone era of the 1950s-1980s. And now, In those days, what we now call “retro” was at its zenith of appeal.

So, here is what can serve to create a retro-style interior:

  •  modular plastic chairs, tables covered with fireproof plastic, chrome bar stools. And it is important that furniture is made in the style of American eateries of the 1950s;
  •  boomerang or space-style tables;
  •  various elements of kitsch, characteristic of pop culture.

Modern Art Deco style in the interior.

Art Deco furniture features elegant lines and curves but lacks the intricate carvings of a traditional style. In general, the uniqueness of the Art Deco style is achieved by combining luxurious natural materials with synthetic materials, resulting in a room that is not too formal. So, we can separate the main features of this modern style like this:

  •  chic exotic leathers, silver, gold leaf, mother-of-pearl, and ivory are combined with relatively inexpensive modern materials such as glass, metals, mirrors, synthetic plastics, and resins;
  •  all forms are elegant and streamlined;
  •  light coatings and varnishes, medium tones of wood are used;
  •  And there are mirror and chrome surfaces.

Modern interiors.

Simple in their perfection, designs that have an almost sculptural quality are the main feature of the modern Art Nouveau style. And some fairly well-known names in the world of design and architecture are closely associated with this style, such as  Ray and Charles Eames, George Nelson, and Eero Saarinen. Examine some of these masters’ works to have a better understanding of their style.

The defining characteristics that capture the essence of Art Nouveau are:

  •  the form has functions;
  •  ornaments are practically absent;
  •  traditional materials are used, such as wood, and non-traditional ones, such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, and plexiglass, and others;
  •  different materials are juxtaposed to highlight their textures;
  •  there is a wide range of shades – from neutral to the most daring. One of the most popular combinations is the combination of black and white.

Casual modern style (Casual).

The casual modern style is more relaxed, softer, fresher and more open-minded than the more formal contemporary modern style. The interior, made in this style, is characterized by:

  •  simple rounded edges;
  •  medium wood tones;
  •  glass and leather combined with beautiful fabric textures;
  •  the presence of soft, heavily stuffed pillows on the sofas.

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