Ways Online Reputation Management Consultants can do better Online reputation management

These are some suggestions for Online Reputation Management Consultants on how to respond if you receive a negative review/comment.

Increase Your Response Time

Negative comments can be very sensitive to time. You can reduce the impact of negative comments if you speak quickly. Use the management strategy that you have put in place to improve the speed of your responses. Don’t reply without a plan; don’t rush to respond. This will cause you to lose your credibility and could lead to problems in the future.

You can respond publicly or continue the conversation offline.
To ensure that their concerns are addressed, follow up.”

Show Courtesy

Always begin your answer with a thank you. This is a common courtesy.

Responding to positive reviews shows potential customers that you value their feedback. Responding to negative or neutral reviews can give insight into WHY they had an unpleasant experience and help you improve. Your brand will look better if you’re polite, and not rude or provocation. This will highlight the difference between a pleasant brand, and a raging critic.

Apologize if You’re Wrong (with one exception).

Online Reputation Management Consultants should apologize if they are responsible. You can tell the reviewer that your problem has been identified and that you are working to find a solution. You can ask the reviewer to participate in your solution design and give their insights. Be aware that apologizing could lead to legal action. You can show empathy even if you are facing a legal problem.

“We understand your frustration.”

“How can this be made better?”

Always respond with empathy and understanding.
You don’t have to apologize if you do not do wrong. But, you can apologize when you do, and promise that you will do better.  Do more

Public and Private Communication

We encourage you to make public any negative comments. This will help to negate the negative review’s impact and show other people that you are responsive and approachable.

Some reviews may require deeper conversations and sensitive data. To continue the conversation, you should publicly state that you will need to reveal certain details that aren’t public.

It is important that you are humble and apologetic. Offer the customer a solution and then try to get the conversation offline as quickly as possible. Give them a number to phone or email so they can contact you directly to resolve the problem.


Healthcare Online Reputation ManagementThis tactic should not be used as a last resort in your reputation management strategy as an Online Reputation Management consultant. This approach might work in certain cases, especially if the problem is related to your product or services. It is best to discuss refunds in private. There might be misunderstandings from customers about why someone gets a discount or a return.

Make Improvements to Your Service/Product

Consider making some changes to your business if you notice that certain complaints keep coming up repeatedly. If you receive the same complaint from multiple customers, it is a sign that something is not right. Keep everyone informed about the steps you’re taking to resolve the problem.

Pushing Negative Reviews down the SERPs

We were only describing cases where all parties provided objective and reasonable negative feedback. Sometimes, this is not always the case. There is a workaround if you’ve tried everything to get an agreement with the publisher of biased content, but that content ranks highly for your branded keywords.

You need to rank positive articles or a profile you own higher than the one that is problematic. These reviews are either placed on an authoritative platform or have backlinks. To rectify the situation, you will need to push negative content to page 2 on Google, or even further down, if possible.

Create and share great content.

You can get product reviews on prominent sites, even if it means you have to pay for advertising or sponsoring content.

You can work with bloggers and your PR team.

This is not an easy fix. However, it should preserve the results and conceal the negative articles.

Make sure your content is always on-brand

We must also mention branding as a part of online reputation management. This does not only refer to the visual aesthetics of the website, which is important, but also the consistency and tone of voice in messaging.

Your customers’ perceptions of your brand are influenced by the content they find when searching for it online. You can project yourself the way you want by creating an ORM strategy.

Your customers will see your brand through the content you provide in branded searches, your responses on review platforms, and your social media communications.

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