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Ways To Gradually Instigate Sustainable Habits In Your Child

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to understand that it is high time we saved the bounties of nature. The good news is that children today are more aware and alert about the socio-scientific issues that impact the Earth negatively. A big part of ensuring that we leave behind a better world for our future generation is to show them how to do so. By teaching the kids sustainable habits, you make sure that they continue to make good choices that benefit the planet all through their lives. As Step One, ask yourself – What can we do now so that we can protect ourselves and safeguard our world in the future? Remember, don’t think of sustainability as something complex. Showing the children how simple steps turned into regular habits shall bring us a happy and healthy world.

Ways to introduce children to inculcate sustainable habits:

Children learn at ease when the lessons are not mere sermons but are more fun and action-oriented. Encouraging exploratory methods of learning ensures that the lesson stays with them lifelong. The learning in toddlers should begin at home and when the kids grow older, take them to museums and conservation parks for them to realise what you are trying to tell them. If your child goes to daycare, choose one that entwines sustainability in their childcare routine. Kids & Co. Early Learning Centre is passionate about this hands-on approach to teaching. They are proud about meeting the national standards in childcare and encouraging the children to know more about the world around them.

Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce

Small steps can make significant impacts. Teach the kids to reduce their impact by everyday acts. Switch off the light when not using it. Use natural light more often. Not to keep the tap running unnecessarily. Such seemingly simple deeds have a massive impact on the conservation of nature. Recycle metalware, glass bottles, newspaper and more such stuff. Get creative about crafting things with old stuff – make quilts out of old clothes, turn glass bottles into beautiful lampshades with paint, and so on.

Connect children with nature

We know your child loves video games, watching TV, or exploring fun stuff on YouTube. But play outdoors with them. Take them out for nature walks and hikes. Make them connect with nature. When they feel a oneness with the environment out of love, they shall definitely want to protect it.

Participate in drives that promote a greener Earth

Is there a cleaning campaign in a local park? Or how about planning a patch of greenery in the neighbourhood? Such simple acts make children learn about their civic responsibilities. They bloom into responsible citizens who think about the community as well.

Explain with visual references that they can connect with

Watch movies and documentaries about protecting nature. Many programmes address environmental issues and their aftereffects. Once the kids see them, they can fathom the depths of what you have been trying to teach. When they feel it from within, they shall remember it forever.

Practise what you Preach

Children learn more by observing than by reading or hearing. Inculcate a sustainable mindset in the children by teaching them not to focus on themselves but also to think of what is good for the others around them. For instance, in this pandemic situation, we are being socially distant and wearing a mask not only to benefit ourselves but to protect those around us. Likewise, throwing garbage at the right bin may not benefit them directly, but still should be practised to better the environment. Seeing you do the right thing would automatically make them follow in your footsteps.

To conclude, we can say that our aim should be to imbibe deep within the kids to value what they have been blessed with by Mother Earth. They should understand that every action comes with a consequence. Their aim should be to act so as to impact the environment positively. But make sure you don’t scare or overwhelm them so much that they lose interest. On the contrary, they should be taught to consider the Earth as their friend and protect nature just as they stand by a friend.

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