Ways to Keep Our Environment Clean – Top 5

Environment Clean

The world is a pretty wonderful place, but it’s also full of garbage. We all need to do our part to keep it clean, and there are plenty of small things we can do every day that will help make a difference. Check out these five ways to keep our environment clean with Prestwich skip hire!

1- Use a reusable bag instead of a plastic.

You know those plastic bags you get at the grocery store? You don’t need them. Go ahead and use a reusable bag instead!

You may be thinking that if we don’t use plastic bags, then how will we carry our groceries home? Don’t worry–there are plenty of options out there. A sturdy canvas bag is great for carrying produce or other items that might leak (like eggs). Or, if you’re into cloth shopping totes, those are a good option too!

2 – Buy environmentally friendly cleaning products.

There are many ways to keep our environment clean and healthy. One way is by using environmentally friendly cleaning products such as Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Method, and Ecover. These products have natural ingredients in them that give you the same results as traditional cleaners but without all the harmful chemicals. Some of these companies also have other items such as laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and dishwashing liquid so you can go green from head to toe!

  • Do they work? Yes! The products are just as effective at getting rid of dirt and grime on your floors or countertops. They won’t leave a harsh scent behind either which makes them great for people with allergies or asthma issues.
  • Are they more expensive? Yes but only because we’re still paying for research into developing better technologies for making these items without hurting our health or environment in turn.
  • Is it worth it to buy them? Absolutely! Supporting companies who make eco-friendly products will help keep them around longer so we don’t have to worry about finding something else later down the road when someone decides not to sell any more (which happens often).

3- Bring your own travel mug for your morning coffee.

  • Use a reusable cup. Instead of using paper cups, consider bringing your own travel mug for your morning coffee. A travel mug can be used over and over again, allowing you to reduce the number of paper cups that go straight into the trash.
  • Buy a travel mug with a lid and handle. If you want something that will keep your drink warm for longer but also has an easy way to hold it, consider purchasing a travel mug with a built-in lid and handle so that it’s easy for you to transport from home to work or class every day without spilling!

4- When you’re finished with a notebook.

consider turning your used notebooks into spiral-bound books. You could use it as a journal or keep track of your favorite recipes, but I think it’d be especially fun to make a scrapbook with your kids. Get together and go through old photographs and collect some cute postcards, ticket stubs from events you’ve attended together, and other memorabilia that makes sense for this particular project. This way when they’re older they can look back on all the fun things they did with their family! If you don’t have kids or no one, in particular, comes to mind immediately when thinking about who would enjoy receiving this gift (because let’s face it: sometimes we’re just too busy), no problem! Just make a few of these books under different names so everyone in your life gets one.

5- Recycle and compost.

To keep our environment clean and help to prevent pollution, we need to recycle and compost:

  • Recycle paper, metal, and plastic by placing them in bins provided by your local council or recycling center.
  • Compost food scraps like banana peels, eggshells, and vegetable tops using a worm farm (also known as vermiculture) or backyard composting system. because it turns organic materials into fertilizers which can be used to improve soil quality for growing plants!


The takeaway is that you should do your part to keep the environment clean by recycling and conserving water or simply taking a moment to appreciate nature when you see it. What are your thoughts on this issue?


There are many ways you can help keep our environment clean, and any one of them is better than nothing! If you want to do more for the earth, there are plenty of things that you can do.

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