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WC Toilet Units

Buyer`s Guide for WC Toilet Units

Back to wall toilets are trendy due to their modern design. The most important part of choosing the right btw is the WC toilet units. Are you too planning for a bathroom upgrade recently? The toilet may not be on the top of your priority, but if it is due for replacement, then why not consider installing an on-trend toilet type. Although you have various choices available, back tow all can offer you the benefits of the concealed cistern with the bowl that still directly sits on the floor. The great thing about such a type is that the bowl and cistern are both can get separately. So, you have the availability of various choices as per your needs. 

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the WC toilet.

WC Toilet Units?

wc toilet units ukRegardless of the toilet kinds you prefer, there are two main parts, bowl and flush tank. Depending on the kind you pick, these may be a separate fixture or built-in together like in close coupled style. When you pick a Back to Wall toilet, you have both cisterns and pan sold separately. Such toilets have a pan that directly sits on the floor against the wall or a WC furniture unit. 

WC toilet is a type where your toilet pan is connected to a furniture unit. This furniture unit is designed to conceal the cistern. If you choose such a type of toilet, the major benefit you get is the neater looks. In addition to that, it becomes much easier to match the design while creating a coordinated look. 


Different Types of WC Toilet Units.

wc-toilet-unitsThere following different types of WC units are available in the market. 

  • Standard WC Toilet. It is the most common design that usually has a traditional style. What you usually get is a pan with a standard furniture unit that is suitable for most bathrooms. Such basic units offer all the benefits that a standard toilet unit offers while concealing the flush system completely. The WC unit does not have any style on it. 
  • Slimline WC Toilet. If you are particularly looking for something that is not only stylish but saves you space at the same time, then a slime line WC toilet unit may be a suitable choice for you. Designed to take minimum space in the bathroom, the bowl and WC is designed in a way that it will have minimum projection. To make it more space-saving, you choose compact cisterns like short projection, etc. You can preferably install them in a small bathroom or a cloakroom.
  • Combination WC Toilet. These are combined units where a vanity sink unit is combined with a WC toilet unit, making it appear a single unit. Joining the most important fixture into the practically single unit will be helpful in most cases for space-saving. In addition to that, these also look aesthetically pleasing while everything can be fitted into a single set. 

What are the Advantages of WC toilet Unit?

There are the following advantages of WC toilet units are as follows. 

  • The biggest benefit of WC units is that they offer a tidier look by concealing all the pipework and flush system inside the furniture unit. 
  • In addition to concealing the cistern, there is practical storage available to keep your items on top of the WC unit. That means while showering or bathing; you can keep a few things at quick access. 
  • Moreover, as it covers the floor, you don’t have to clean the floor due to it. The cistern is inside and will require no cleaning. 

Disadvantages of WC Toilet Unit

Although it is perfect for most bathrooms if you lack space or have a cloakroom, then it may not be suitable for it. It is because the WC furniture unit is big and takes floor space that makes it less desirable for small spaces. In addition to that, the material of the WC vanity unit may degrade over time due to constant exposure to a humid environment. 

Final Thoughts about WC Toilet Unit.

When planning to install a back-to-wall style, a WC toilet unit can be an essential part of it. We discussed its types and advantages to help you decide what can be the most suitable choice for you. You can check high-quality modern toilets at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.

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