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The company website is central to the world of digital marketing. But besides being the face of a company/brand, a website is also a source of traffic and, as a rule, the most significant of the sources is organic traffic. A fairly common problem in Internet marketing is the situation when companies at the website development stage pay more attention to design than to technical parameters. That is important for the correct presentation of the site in the search. And this ultimately leads to technical problems on the site.

The correction of which will require a large amount of additional work to optimize the web resource. The implementation of improvements, as well as the time it takes for search engines to take into account the changes, will slow down the achievement of the final goals – increasing traffic and sales.

A website can be the embodiment of a design idea, a huge investment. But if conversion mechanisms were not initially thought out. This will not only be a waste of company resources but also require even more investment to refine the site. In this article, we will explain why SEO is so closely related to website design. As well as consider the main elements that are important to consider when developing a site whose goal is lead generation, high positions in search results and how important SEO services and WEB is important.

SEO-friendly web development.

To begin with, let’s clarify what a site should be like so that search engines “love” it

An SEO-friendly site is a web resource whose pages are available for crawling by a search robot and include them in the index bases of search engines. Proper indexing is the first step to making your site visible on search engine results pages.

You must carefully prepare and structure information about the firm and the services or goods provided to produce an SEO-friendly site.

After the planning stage, the stage of working out the main elements of the future site follows.

Site basis.

The quality of the future site is largely determined by the fundamental principles that guided it when it was created. Domain. A domain name plays a big role in SEO and in presenting a business on the internet.

Recommended for search promotion is a second-level domain name. format since the promotion of third-level domains (for example, is more difficult. You can choose another domain zone depending on the type and subject of your site.

It is important that the domain name correctly conveys the specifics of the business and is understandable to the user. You can use a keyword in the site name. But it is important to know the measure, otherwise, it will be regarded by search engines as spam and may impose sanctions on the site. A domain like “buy-interior-doors-inexpensive.rf” may give a search advantage to a small business within its region. But it will look cheap. And if business promotion is designed for a wide audience. You need to approach the choice of the site name more seriously.

Hosting. Hosting is also important for both website visitors and SEO. Reliable hosting should ensure the uninterrupted and fast operation of the site. Slow sites that often turn out to be inaccessible are not liked by users, which means that it is unlikely to be able to take high positions in search results.

CMS. The choice of the content management system (CMS) largely determines its further success in promotion. In addition, it directly depends on how you want to see your site – be it a blog, an online store or a residential complex site. Therefore, before choosing a particular CMS, you need to familiarize yourself in detail with all the functions and features of each of the systems and compare them with the goals of your site.

Availability of the site to search robots.

As we said earlier, the first step in creating a site is to make its pages available for crawling by search engines. And here it is important to pay attention to the following:

Indexing. In order for the search robot to be able to crawl the pages of your site. Its content must be as accessible as possible. This means that graphics, animations, and videos should not be used to replace text content. The major goal of SEO is to make site pages relevant to user search queries, and if a search robot can’t figure out whether your site fits in a certain category. It will simply disregard it as useless to the user.

Link structure. In order for the search robot to crawl your site beyond the main page, special attention must be paid to internal links. Thoughtful navigation and a properly configured site map will contribute not only to correct and fast indexing but also to the improvement of behavioral factors since users will be able to easily and quickly find all the necessary sections of the site.

Site structure.

One of the most important processes in creating a site is the development of the site structure. it should be simple, logical and understandable to the user. If the site is an online store with many different products, you need to work out the visibility of all categories.

Website structure is where SEO starts. In most cases, at the beginning of search engine optimization, you have to refine the structure of the site. And sometimes create a completely new one. Therefore, when creating a site, it is important to think over the structure of the site well, and, in addition, make sure that in case of its further change, this does not lead to the need to redesign the site.


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