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Weekly Update Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams Web Version: View meeting participants
Within the Teams app it has been possible for a while, but it is also possible for participants who use the web version: The “Mode together” and the “Large gallery” mode for during a meeting. With the “Together Mode” you and your colleagues are no longer locked in your own screen, but you are together in a virtual space. With the “Large Gallery” you can even show up to 49 participants on one screen with Microsoft Consulting Firm.

Scheduled for January:

Microsoft Teams: Open a meeting directly from Outlook
Within Outlook you can immediately turn a meeting into a Microsoft Teams meeting and plan a Microsoft Teams meeting. Soon you will also start a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from Outlook without planning the Microsoft Teams meeting first.

Planning for February

Download meeting participants report
It has been on Microsoft’s Roadmap for a while and now further development is taking place: A report that you download with all participants present at a meeting. You can now easily check after the meeting whether everyone was present, because you download the report afterwards. In addition, more data has been added to the report, which gives the organizer even more insight.

Create task directly from a message within the desktop version of Microsoft Teams
Quickly and easily create a task from a message within a Microsoft Teams channel or a Microsoft Teams chat? Microsoft is currently developing this. The user easily adds a task based on the message. This way you can add tasks from more and more locations and keep your To Do list in order.

Microsoft Teams: Number of meeting participants increases to 1000

Are you planning an annual members meeting or do you work for a large company and do you regularly have to meet with many people at the same time? The number of Microsoft Teams meeting participants goes from 300 to 1000 participants.

There are also updates for Microsoft Teams on the IOS or Android

If you regularly meet with or via an Android device, you will soon see more participants, share your files and put a participant in the “spotlight” during a Microsoft Teams meeting. On an IOS you will soon start a “Live event” from the Apple device.

SharePoint: Video web parts and templates

There is also a nice update for SharePoint : a video web part and templates where users tell their story by combining a video with text. You use these web parts on every page and within a news message.

Microsoft 365: productivity, convenience and security under one roof
Home » Inspiration » Blogs » Trends & developments » Microsoft 365: productivity, convenience and security under one roof
Where there was once a separate operating system, Microsoft Office programs and separate management tools, Microsoft now merges all these applications into Microsoft 365: the complete workplace solution as a service with advanced management tools to keep everything running smoothly.
Microsoft 365 vs Office 365, the confusion unraveled!

Microsoft 365 will be the umbrella name for the combined workplace solution of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. This means that Microsoft 365 Business fits in perfectly with the popularity of mobile working. Your colleagues can work anywhere, anytime with access to the apps and files they need.
• Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 continues to be the leading and highly regarded solution for organizations and professionals, enabling everyone to access their business email, calendar and Office documents, on-premises or in the cloud, anywhere, anytime. Familiar Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote can be used both in the browser and locally via a desktop installation.

• Enterprise Mobility + Security:Smart innovations keep you and your colleagues safe and productive with all your favorite apps and devices. Think of managing single sign-on for different devices with both on-premises and cloud apps. Apps and data on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices can be managed through a single management environment.

• Windows 10: The operating system that virtually everyone knows and that runs all 365 programs in the background, with advanced security that proactively protects your business against digital threats. As an IT administrator you can easily manage and implement updates without the rest of the organization noticing; your colleagues only benefit from applications that work well in a user-friendly working environment.

Different subscription types

Microsoft 365 basically has two subscription types:
• Microsoft 365 Business : This subscription has been specially developed for SMEs up to 300 workstations. It consists of the comprehensive Office 365 Business Premium, supplemented with device management tools and security solutions to manage devices remotely and combat threats such as viruses and malware.
• Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 and E5 : The Enterprise editions are designed for larger organizations looking to improve collaboration, productivity and security. Microsoft SharePoint, Intune, Intranet app Yammer, Microsoft Teams and advanced Analytics tools make this possible, among other things, in addition to the Business subscription.


Do you already use one or more Microsoft solutions such as Office 365 or Exchange? Are you curious about how you can simplify workspace management and want to take advantage of the safety, productivity and convenience of one solution. Then we would be happy to advise you on the benefits of Microsoft 365. Contact us on 088 238 4555 .
The 3 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Business
Microsoft Azure has been crowned the best cloud computing service in the world today. They are redefining how businesses operate in a more flexible and secure way. Are you already using this?

Using Microsoft Azure, organizations can build, deploy, and manage simple to complex applications with little to no effort. Microsoft Azure supports a wide variety of frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices, so organizations can leverage familiar tools and technologies. As an SME, you should definitely take a close look at public cloud.

Here are 3 must-know benefits of Microsoft Azure that every SME should know.

1. IAAS and Easter options

Microsoft Azure is a mix of Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) and Platform As A Service (PAAS). IAAS enables organizations to outsource their infrastructure to Microsoft Azure and only pay for what they use.
PAAS, on the other hand, enables SMEs to design and customize their own web applications as needed without purchasing or maintaining the underlying infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is the only provider of cloud computing services to be named an industry leader for both Infrastructure As A Service ( IAAS ) and Performance As A Service ( PAAS ) by the renowned Gartner.

2. Security

Of all the benefits that Microsoft Azure offers, the company is the most vocal about its security offerings. Each year, Microsoft invests more than $1 billion in cybersecurity research and development. It promotes its multi-layered security as a way for businesses to leverage the power of remote physical data centers without compromising sensitive data.

Microsoft has developed a system that integrates security controls into both hardware and firmware, and customers gain access to the expertise of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts who are well versed in cloud-specific attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Unlike most other providers , Microsoft Azure supports these claims with multiple compliance certificates, including FERPA, IRS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Users also get the ability to protect data through multi-factor authentication, strict password requirements, and training on the latest threats. In addition, Azure provides timely notifications when users need to take action to upgrade or enable new protections. The Key Vault feature keeps passwords, keys and industry secrets safe in a virtual environment.

Security Center’s analytics continuously monitor activity and use machine learning to determine whether a threat is likely or not. This proactive approach is critical in fighting malicious data loss or corruption.

3. Improved Flexibility

One of the main benefits of using Azure lies in how flexible it is. It only takes a single click to upgrade service levels, and companies can lower these higher service levels when they no longer need the extra storage, computing or support.

a) Flexible service levels

Because companies only pay for what they use, there’s real freedom to move between levels, so you can maximize budgets and scale up or down resources as needed.

b) Flexible storage locations

It’s a global solution.  This diversifies risk while also providing options for speed, customer service and compliance in cases where location is vital.

c) Flexible Coding Language

The dedication to open source is perhaps the most exciting of the great benefits of Azure Cloud. All languages ​​and frameworks are compatible with Azure applications. This allows developers to think creatively about how best to showcase their product, service or app. A big advantage if your SME switches completely or partially to cloud applications.

Final Thoughts

In the race between top cloud providers, it will be interesting to see what new initiatives Microsoft has for the future. They have already demonstrated their ability to meet all compliance requirements and appear to invest deeply in data security so that companies can focus on their focus.
Call on a managed services provider and ensure an optimal transition to the cloud.

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