What is a pocket knife and what is it for?

We have already written a whole bunch of articles about folding knives like Benchmade Griptilian and similar models, but they never mentioned that they are commonly called “pocket” among the people. Moreover.

we somehow lost sight of the fact that we have never written about folding knives in general, about their advantages and functionality. Today we will correct this omission and tell you what advantages folding knives have and how to choose a model for your needs.

There are Scrimshaw Pocket Knives with a fixed blade, but these are small knives, with a total length of up to 100 mm. We will not touch them today. We are interested in the functionality, standards, and features of the choice of folding pocket models.

What are pocket folding knives?

At present, most knife lovers have long understood that carrying folding knives is much more comfortable than fixed blade models. There is still a small percentage of conservative Knife Obsessed, but it is decreasing every year. 

It should be noted that most novice tourists first try to dig for themselves huge fixes, such as the Rimbaud knife. After a couple of forays into nature, they begin to understand that they do not need such a huge blade, and they begin to acquire medium-sized knives.

Some people try folding knives and find them more comfortable than fixed knives. In the city, a pocket folding knife is much more convenient than a fixed-blade model. If you responsibly approach the choice of folding, then it will be your universal friend who will help you on a picnic, hunting, fishing, work, and at home.

For skeptics who consider pocket folding knives unsuitable for hunting, I can name a bunch of Soviet folding knives that were positioned specifically as hunting ones, I even had a model with a cartridge case extractor in my childhood, and it was double-sided, under the twelfth and sixteenth caliber.

So you can safely opt for folding knife models, they are quite capable of replacing the fix in one-day trips without spending the night. And if you have an ax with you, then you may not need a fix at all.

It is enough to go to any knife store, and you will see a huge number of folding pocket models for sale. Already in the store, you can check all models for such a parameter as “pocket”. Everyone’s pockets are different, and what will fit in my huge pocket will not fit in your small one. I have such pockets on my trousers that even small fixes like Mora Companion.


The most pocket models of all can be called the knives of the company Victorinox. They fit in any pocket, plus they have many additional accessories. Whatever there is, each buyer can choose a model specifically for their needs. Some scold the Vicks as useless.

But I will say that such people have either never used Swiss pocket knives. Or simply picked up a model that does not suit them. Now they sell Vicks even with flash drives, but I generally keep quiet about flashlights.

Pocket knives can have strong knife locks so they won’t fold during heavy work. Some models were created specifically for the military, and they can be subjected to increased loads. An example is the model Extreme Ratio RAO II.

What is the “correct” folding pocket knife?

It doesn’t matter which model of folding knife you choose, they all must meet several requirements:

  • The knife must be made of quality materials;
  • The assembly and adjustment of the folding mechanisms must be done perfectly;
  • The mechanism for opening and locking the blade must be reliable;
  • A folding knife must comply with the legal framework of the country in which it will be used. Although we in Russia do not have criminal liability for carrying edged weapons. No one wants to just lose their favorite knife just like that and even get a fine on the shoulders.

When buying a pocket folding knife, be sure to check how it will fit in your hand. Even the most expensive and high-quality knife can be uncomfortable for you. In this case, it will quickly turn into a shelf speaker.

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