What is Admission Management System and its Advantages?

Even though the admission period is limited to one or a maximum of two months every year. The process has grabbed the top-most priority status in the education sector. Education institutes’ impression is much dependent on how they conduct the admission process! The effectiveness and simplification of the process can fetch more students to enroll, resulting in more admissions. To match the pace of generation-next students, many schools have already opted admission management system already. But not all software is perfect and tailor-made. The government rules keep on changing, so the schools need dynamic software and Vidyalaya’s admission management software is just the perfect destination for you! And, replace the chaotic manual admission process with seamless online admissions.

What is an admission management system?

The admission management system is a digital platform that can automate the enrolment process, starting from admission inquiries to final admissions. The system facilitates students to apply for the school without visiting the school campus physically and completing the admission process.

The admission process is divided into the following generic steps mentioned below:

  • Students hit the URL of the school’s online registration portal website.
  • Students complete the registration by entering generated credentials.
  • Login to the website and select the course for application.
  • Upload the details and documents and complete the application.
  • Pay the application fees using a secure payment gateway.
  • The school will receive the application form.
  • After receiving the forms, on the last day school will generate the merit list and selected candidates will be notified.
  • The Portal is updated with the final merit list.
  • Confirmed candidates are demanded course fee generation.

Why there is a need for a dedicated admission management system?

Vidyalaya is a renowned name in the ed-tech sector as it is serving a large clientele for more than 20 years ago. The expert team always thinks ahead of time and stretches to deliver exceptional products that facilitate the education sector to improve on the technology end. Vidyalaya with its school admission management system enables all stakeholders to complete the entire admission cycle with improved efficiency.

Here are the benefits offered by the system:

Collect student inquiries from multiple sources

We have already moved on from referrals and newspaper-based ads, and are living in the era of digital tools. So, schools need to implement different strategies that attract millennials and their parents. Schools nowadays are using websites, social media platforms, offline ads to promote their educational brands. Vidyalaya understands the changed version of the admission process and comes up with an admission management system to match the changing requirements. This system will gather all the inquiries from all resources and will capture all leads so that the institute can get comprehensive inputs for further processes. 

No location and time barriers

When compared to the manual admission process which works on a limited time period, Vidyalaya’s admission management software works without a time limit. It not only offers an active system for students without any time barrier but also decreases the time of processing. The significantly saved time will help school management to offer a rapid system that is always on for processing the applications.

When schools opt for online admissions, students can apply for the school without physically visiting the school. Students will apply from their own convenient places with the use of laptops, computers, or even smartphones. 

Keep track of updated application status

The admission cycle is complex and consists of several underlying sub-processes. It is a common case that students cannot complete the entire admission process in a single shot. Vidyalaya improves the exposure by involving the students’ participation in more steps. The school admission management system enables students to apply online, pay the fees online, check status. 

Automate the selection process

Vidyalaya’s admission management system is a single-roof platform where all processes are connected. This system facilitates the stakeholders to map students’ academic cycle like admission inquiry, enrolment, admission. Even the real-time tracking will give updated status of students’ every action such that school management can take proper actions. 

Educational institutes can offer transparency in the process by automating the selection process and removing the human element in the entire process. Processes like counseling require detailed information such that counselors can get the balanced task.

Benefits from advanced analytics

Vidyalaya believes in offering advanced technology so that its benefits can enhance the overall learning experience. It offers a customizable dashboard that will help school decision-makers to have insights into admissions KPIs and track the progress. The advanced analytics embedded in the admission management system will help you organize more campaigns, counselors, call counters so that you can redefine your strategies. Analyzing the inputs from diverse sources, panel members can rely on reliable sources for better results. 

Academic institute staff needs to bear tremendous pressure during the admission period. As a greater number of students are seeking admission, the need for an automated admission management system is inevitable. Vidyalaya fills this space with its top-notch products. Let the system streamline the admission process and set your staff free for other fruitful processes that can make your brand shiner!

We are the generation of that era where a school used to set up a team for handling the admission process and the members of the school needed to handle all operations manually. Now, a period of time has elapsed and technology has advanced every sector to its peak period. Vidyalaya along with its top-notch admission management software can change the above-mentioned scenario and clear the campus for welcoming the students of Gen-Z. Let the software turn you into a leader where others follow you for the progressive way you are already leading!


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