What Is Cash App Routing Number? How To Find It?

What Is CashApp Routing Number?

CashApp is one of the most popular online banking platforms, used by millions of users each day for their online payment needs. Today, people prefer using the online mode of payment rather than the conventional one as it is more convenient, time savvy, and hassle-free.

What is the Cash App routing number?

Does the cashapp have a routing number? It is perhaps one of the most common questions searched by people as they do not know about the routing number, and as a result, they miss out on many benefits. Before we jump into the Cash App routing number, you need to know that a routing number is a 9-digit number that functions as an address of a bank. It is used for transferring funds, bill payments, and direct deposits. 

Cash is associated with two highly renowned banks. Lincoln savings bank and Sutton bank. Both banks carry out different functions for the Cashapp. 

Sutton Bank issues the cashapp cards that are unique to every account whereas Lincoln saving bank helps in direct deposits of paychecks and adding funds to the cashapp accounts. 

To unlock these benefits let us see how you can find your CashApp routing number in the next section.

How do I find my Cash App routing number?

The routing number for Lincoln Savings Bank is 073923033 and the Sutton bank cashapp routing number is 041215663. 

To find your routing number:

  • Tap to open the cashapp.
  • From the homepage, go to the Banking tab. 
  • A new page will appear, below the account balance tap Routing, and account number.
  • Copy and note down your details. 

Can I change my routing number on CashApp?

CashApp assigns a routing number itself and each account has a routing number depending on the geographical location and other factors. There is no way to change the routing number internally though if you want to change it, you can close your existing account and create a new account with another email. But note that there is no guarantee that your Sutton bank routing number will change to Lincoln Savings Bank and vice versa. 

How do I change my CashApp routing number from 073 to 041?

CashApp has partnered with Lincoln Savings Bank having 17 branches across the US and 22 routing numbers depending on the location of the user. 073 routing number belongs to Lincoln Savings Bank and 041 belongs to Sutton Bank and there is no possible way as of now to change the routing number manually. 

Two things you can do to change your routing number

  • Create a new account with a different email.
  • Move to another location.

If you still want to change your Cash App bank name or routing number then we suggest you contact Cash App customer service. You can call on 1-800-969-1940 and a representative will help you with the issue. 

How to enable CashApp Direct deposit?

Once you have noted your routing number, you can now enjoy the benefits packed with it like tax returns, and direct deposits. CashApp direct deposits are much faster than other banks. 

To enable your direct deposits to follow the below-listed steps:

  • Tap to open the cashapp.
  • Go to the banking tab.
  • Click on Routing and account number. 
  • Copy the number.
  • Go back to the banking tab.
  • Click on direct deposit.
  • Select Get Direct Deposit.
  • Fill out your employer detail, the amount you would like to deposit, and your signature. 
  • Provide your routing and Cash App account number when prompted.
  • Select the email form and enter your email address.

Your direct deposit has been set up successfully. You can deposit $25,000 per direct deposit and $50,000 in 24 hours. You only need to have an activated cashcard for enabling cashapp direct deposit.  

Final Words 

Although CashApp is an online payment service it is linked with Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank for handling its payments, direct deposits, and cashcard and that is why the cashapp has a routing number. The routing number helps the user to locate their cashapp bank and enable direct deposits too. The cash app does not provide any support to change your routing number manually but you can reach out to the cash app customer care service for the same. To know more information visit here how to add money to cash app card at store.


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