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What Is Edge Protection And How Is It Helpful?

Edge protection is given in buildings to prevent people from falling from lower heights. Such protection is vital especially during construction works considering working at heights can lead to fatal accidents and injuries. This is why workers should always be protected from any such accidental falls by using PPEs, edge protections and safety nets. 

Edge Protection in NZ is provided by many companies depending on the budget. You can select the protection systems as per the projects. 

Different Types Of Edge Protection Available

There are three common types of edge protection adopted by companies. All of these provide different advantages. 

  • Collapsible GuardRails

These guard rails can be folded into a completely flat surface when not in use. These are popularly used in historical buildings, heritage sites, etc. The railings can be used even with modern architecture as well. 

  • Fixed Guard Railings

The fixed guard railings can be moved anywhere as it is fixed permanently to the walls. Also, it provides 24/7 protection to the people by preventing them from falling. The systems are fixed to one parapet and coping stones are used to secure them. Also, the fixing depends on the wall conditions as well. The height of the rails can be adjusted as you like even after being permanently fixed. 

  • Free Standing Guard Rails

These free-standing rails don’t need any kind of penetration on the surface to stand. The system itself comes with counterbalance components. Weights of varying measures are attached to the sections. The system is very versatile. You can move it easily as you like. 

Tips For Working At A Height

  • Understanding the Fall Distance

You can wear equipment for preventing any falls, but if you don’t know the fall distance, everything will be useless. Learn about the fall distance so that the workers don’t fall off. 

  • Selection of the proper PPE

You must choose the proper body harnesses to stop any fatal accidents. Sometimes reasonable costs can provide you with a comfortable experience. If the workers are at a height, a nylon harness might not give the heat protection as needed. 

In that case, Kevlar may be the best idea. Comfort is necessary but you must adjust the harnesses properly. 

  • Selection of a proper Anchor Point

The anchor point is accepted only when it is designed by a professional designer. And it should be able to load 5,000 pounds. The roofing should be correct with a cast or anchor. 

  • Using lifts

As all the harnesses don’t fit the same person, the fall protection solutions are the same. The fall protection should be with safety measures. Furthermore, it depends on the type of lift. You might need or not require a harness depending on the job.

All the people working at heights should be trained. They should know the importance of edge protection. If the people working at heights don’t know the gravity of the situation then the chances of accidental falls rises. 


There are so many companies providing roof edge protection. Read the quotations of all the companies and select as per the budget. 

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