What is interactive website design?

Your store, your brand, your communication channel, your means of expression … In short, the true reflection of you or something that represents you. That is what a web page means today. That showcase is where you can advertise and make yourself known. That is why it is vitally important that it works perfectly and, at the same time, is an attractive, beautiful and presentable digital space. Here we have several keys for the design of interactive, interesting websites design and, above all, that perfectly match both your objective and the latest trends and the market mark.

What is an attractive and interactive website design?

Let’s start at the bottom, that is, defining what we understand at Gunka Studios by interactive web pages. If we had to give a definition, we could say that they are interactive platforms that allow the sender (the web) and the receiver (the user) to communicate and interact in them. In turn, these platforms will be more or less visit and use depending on what they offer at the level of multiple factors. We talk about usability, functionalities, products or services, or their appearance. And there it is essential to offer a good design.

Having a portal that is visually attractive to the user is very relevant and has always been. Therefore, the design has always been taken into account. However, given its influence on other aspects such as the usability it offers the user, the interaction with him, or the positioning in recent times, it has made the concept even more relevant. For this reason, when we talk about the design of interactive website Designing in Lahore, we do so on one of the pillars of the contemporary digital world.

Advantages of interactive web pages

Web design and development have evolve a lot since the first platforms. In addition, like, for example, fashion, new concepts, improvements, advances, etc. have also been include. In the past they were static, but with the rapid and continuous improvements that have been made at a technical level, an increasingly active interaction with users is currently valued and pursued. Let us thank you for this since the design of interactive web pages currently offers advantages such as:

  • Consistency and order accompany the user during their navigation.
  • Greater union or relationship with the user through adapt content.
  • The user feels more involve, so the number of visits and traffic is usually increase, and, consequently, the positioning.

With these main benefits, the brand or person who has a good design and develop interactive website will be reinforcing their online reputation. Not only for users but also for search engine algorithms, who will show our website more.

Why trust web design and development specialists?

The truth is that today there are many different interactive web page models. Both on a technical and aesthetic level, the advances have been many and vary. Precisely because of this constant and rapid evolution, the possibilities that exist within the design of interactive websites right now are many: several programming languages , web development with different frameworks such as Symfony, application of the most vary effects …

If you do not have technical knowledge about web design and development, none of these concepts may not sound familiar to you. For that reason and because of the high quality that is being implement now in web design and development, one of the best decisions is to let you help. Trust the services of specialize companies such as Gunka Studios.

Given our experience in the development and design of animate web pages, you can forget about such technical issues as the ones we are discussing. Aspects such as whether web development with Symfony or another framework is preferable , if the application of the latest creativity trends collides with implementing the best usability practices … We will be your guide in all these issues, implementing both our experience for you. like all more technical knowledge.

Current trends in interactive website design

Precisely because of that experience that our entire team has been acquiring while working on other projects, at Gunka Studios we know perfectly what the markets and users demand. And obviously, we also know how to implement it. In fact, as specialists in the development and design of interactive websites, we are up to date with the latest trends that are applying.

In fact, currently and for the next few months, some of the trends that are developing in the world of animate page web design are:

  • Design and development focus on mobile web browsing (known as mobile-first design ).
  • In the same vein, websites are responsive, in which the content adapts to different formats and sizes of screen and visualizations.
  • Development of web pages in which usability is a priority issue.
  • Importance of including animation and interaction with the user through 3D effects or interactive elements (for example, a like button that moves when click).
  • Deep pages with features like the popular Parallax Effect through layers with different rhythms of movement.
  • Increasing interest in the use of SVG images, which, although they already exist, were not in fashion and now they are because of their flexibility and because they can be formatted with CSS.
  • Increase implementation of Augment Reality on more and more websites. Animate pages where you can interact with elements such as 3D glasses.
  • Inclusion of chatbots or virtual assistants.
  • The popular dark display mode, which is also increasingly popular in mobile application development. It is a resource that is already applicable for the main web browsers and that is technically simple because it can carry out with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Pages with infinite scroll in which the content is abundant and it is load as the user navigates.


As can be seen by seeing these trends at the present time, it is about designing web pages in which the user is an active subject, who interacts with the most personalize content possible and that makes him feel part of all the navigation for the longest time. possible . UX, design, SEO positioning, development … There are many fields that are involve and that must be master and known.

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