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What is Shopify plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s product for more successful eCommerce enterprises than the company’s standard clientele. It is meant to provide more flexibility, features, and support for enterprise stores with higher needs on their eCommerce store. Shopify has strengthened the Shopify Plus product over the years, making it a serious contender for great e-commerce enterprises.

The most recent Shopify Plus iterations are best suited for direct-to-consumer e-commerce firms with more than $5 million in annual revenue. But less than $20 million in yearly revenue. New features are being developed and have just been deployed to help it compete with other platforms. However alternative platforms may offer more value to firms that do not fall within this sweet spot.

Strategize with Shopify plus experts

As a purely digital agency, we’ve managed a wide range of projects in a variety of industries. Bizmia employs qualified Shopify Plus developers to meet the demands of a successful development project, whether it’s a marketplace transfer, a custom SEO project, a website makeover, or technical development and modification.

One of the most common misconceptions about SaaS eCommerce platforms is that they ‘do it all.’ Sales and marketing teams at SaaS companies repeatedly push this line to add value to their monthly or annual costs. However, these proposals frequently grossly misrepresent:

  • how things function,
  • what they cost, and
  • Differences between your present and their processes.

You want your experienced staff to understand how your business should operate, how Shopify Plus can naturally assist your operations, and where customization is required to truly support your business.

The world of eCommerce store development is complex and ever-changing. Website functionality is continually evolving, necessitating updates and upkeep. To maintain a competitive advantage in your industry, you must select the most beneficial collaborations. Working with a Shopify Plus firm that has experience designing tailored solutions for businesses like yours will allow you to adapt to competitive challenges and change consumer behavior more effectively. Our knowledge of the nuances of a wide range of eCommerce platforms enables us to provide innovative and effective solutions, ranging from API interfaces to ensure functionality to bespoke development of proprietary, unique tools. Our company draws on years of expertise as a Shopify Plus development firm to provide you with the capacity to meet and overcome specific hurdles to your business.

Services we provide

Custom Development

You want it to keep users clicking and convert them into returning customers. Bizmia is the agency you require to create a fully custom-designed website that converts, from appealing category pages to product page customizations that enable personalization and checkout cart pages that urge consumers to finish a purchase.

Responsive Development

Any online business that wants consumers to visit its site must adopt flexible development. If your website is not responsive, it will not only discourage visitors from visiting it. But will also inform Google that your website is not geared to accommodate your audience, resulting in worse results.

Mobile App Development

Make your eCommerce store more user-friendly by providing your customers with what they desire convenience and ease of use. Our mobile app development experts can develop an application for Apple, Android, or both platforms. That will enable your customers to simply shop at your site without having to utilize a web browser.

Shopify Plus API Integration

Shopify Plus provides merchants with a greater number of prebuilt APIs than normal Shopify stores. If there isn’t a preconfigured connection. Our company has Shopify Plus specialist developers who can effortlessly integrate API interfaces into your store so you can concentrate on selling instead of gathering and keeping data.

Conversion Rate Optimization

For a higher capacity, make sure your website appeals to your target audience completely. We will ensure that your site delivers the best functionality with the best aesthetic and keeps attracting new and repeat visitors through design, development, and marketing.

Shopify Plus Development Agency

If you want a team that can produce the greatest outcomes while collaborating with you and your Shopify Plus team, choose us. We have the contacts, knowledge, and know-how as preferred Shopify Plus partners to take an eCommerce site from nearly there to immaculate perfection.

Clear Pricing

For Shopify Plus development services, we don’t trust ambiguous pricing or hidden expenses. Request a quote and we will provide you with a fixed price for completion along with a deadline or a range pricing if the scope is unclear. We publish a pricing guide so you can get a sense of how much our Shopify Plus development experts charge. We are not inexpensive. Our team is, nonetheless, competitive, and our knowledge pays for itself many times over. Many Shopify Plus customers will opt to keep our Shopify Plus development team on retainer.

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