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What is Solr as a service?

Apache Solr is a free, open-source search engine based on the apache lucence library. Solr is one of the popular search engines that are available worldwide. 

Many people think that it is a search engine. Still, many people also use it as a document-based NoSQL database with various features, including transactional support, which is helpful for storage purposes and even a key-value store. 

This platform is from java, and it has RESTful XML/HTTP and JSON APIs along with client libraries for different programming languages such as java, python, Ruby, PHP, and C#. It also uses various other programming languages to develop data analytics and search-based applications. 

The companies which work with the Solr platform hire Solr developers to get more products with efficiency. 

The work of this Apache Solr is to take various kinds of data like structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from different sources. 

Then it collects all those data and stores them for indexing, making the data available for search in the near real-time. Along with that, the Solr is also all users to do social media analysis, log/security event aggregation, and even faceted product search. 

So, people who need to get these kinds of services can use this  Solr platform of Apache. Developers can create various types of applications with these features that help improve the applications’ working abilities. 

Reasons to use Apache Solr and to hire Solr developers

Like all other Apache platforms, Solr also has several positive reasons which attract many people to use them, and many companies hire Apache Solr developers for various positions. 

It also helps the developers create attractive products suitable for all users. Some of the primary reasons that make many developers use this Apache Solr are

  • Powerful full-text search capabilities
  • Comprehensive Administration interfaces
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Built-in Security
  • Easy monitoring

So, these are some reasons people choose this Apache Solr for various application development. 

All these features or causes available with Solr will make the applications more effective and suitable for all kinds of clients as per their requirements. These points are the main reasons for the popularity and effectiveness of the Apache Solr. 

Powerful full-text search capabilities

Collecting and indexing various data types will help Solr provide advanced real-time searching features. This feature includes WILDCARDS, Joins, Spell check, fuzzy queries, Boolean queries, fielded search, phrase queries, and auto-complete. All these are from the different kinds of data available in the Solr. 

Companies that deal with  Solr and other types of data will hire Solr developers with various necessary skills. These are some points about the powerful full-text search capabilities of Apache Solr. 

Comprehensive Administration interfaces

To perform administrative tasks in Solr, it contains an in-built responsive user interface. This user interface helps complete various processes such as managing logs, adding, deleting, searching documents, and updating. 犀利士

So, people using the Apache Solr can use the comprehensive administration interfaces that are helpful for the users. 

High scalability and flexibility

Developers can use the Apache zookeeper tools to scale the Solr up and down. These rely heavily on various processes like load-balancing, distribution, automated index replication, failover, and recovery. 

The developers can deploy the Solr to multiple systems like distributed, standalone, and cloud according to the user’s operation size. 

So, these are some points about the scalability and flexibility features of the Apache Solr, and companies that hire Apache Solr developers will have proper knowledge about all these details.

Built-in security

The Solr platform comes with several security aspects suitable for all users, and this platform uses SSL for HTTP traffic encryption. 

This traffic encryption is between Solr clients and Solr, and it is also between the nodes. The Solr also uses Basic and Kerberos-based authentication features that make the platform more secure and authentic. 

For defending roles, permissions, and users, the users can use the authentication APIs that are useful for protecting the platform. 

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Easy monitoring

The users can monitor using various tools like JConsole & JMXC, and this Solr expose its metrics through the JMX Mbeams. There are several commercials and open-source tools for people to monitor Solr. 

The Sematext java agent is one of the monitoring tools that many people use. And to get into in-depth monitoring, people need to get some extreme level of expertise with the perfect Solr performance monitoring tool. 

So, these are reasons for the Solr’s popularity and help them get attractive and practical applications. The companies that work with these kinds of Solr platforms provide vast job opportunities and hire Apache Solr developers to enhance the productivity of their organizations.


So, these are some points that people need to know about the available services of Apache Solr, and people who need to know all details about this platform can use this article to gain more information about the Solr platform. 

So, companies who need to hire Solr developers can also use these details to choose the best and most effective employees with various skills. This article explains the main reasons behind the usage of Apache Solr by many people. 

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