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What is the Importance of CyberSecurity Consultancy?

What is CyberSecurity? And how important is it for your business? Cyber Security Awareness is important. Does Cyber Security Consultancy help?

This blog answers many questions about Cyber Security Consultancy and Cyber Security Consultancy.

What does CyberSecurity mean?

Cyber Security refers to the technology and best practices an organization uses to protect its servers and networks from cyber attacks.

Cyber security was not long ago viewed as an extension to the IT department rather than an IT problem. The domain has become a major business concern in recent years due to the explosion in cyber attacks’ complexity and number.

Ransomware attacks have been a major problem for businesses over the past 5 years. They have cost them thousands, and sometimes millions, in terms of reputational and operational damage, as well as financial payouts.

Even the most sceptics have been compelled to examine their cyber security situation and give it the attention it deserves. Cyber attacks are becoming more costly and dangerous for businesses around the globe, let’s face it.

Businesses that do not have a strong cyber security infrastructure, a high level of cyber awareness among their staff, and adequate preparation for a cybersecurity event are basically vulnerable to hackers and other malicious threat actors.

Even the most cyber-focused business can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, even if it has the best cyber resilience policies.

Recognize and address cybercrime’s colossal threat today, and be ready for the worst.

What is CyberSecurity Awareness and its Importance for Businesses?

Cyber security is a growing concern for all businesses, no matter what industry or vertical they are in.

It is vital to invest in the best technology solutions, but a key element every business must focus on is the people element.

You’ll see that most of the most prominent cyber attacks in recent history were caused by human error. The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline was caused by a leaky password due to poor cybersecurity hygiene, which led to fuel shortages along the East Coast.

The WannaCry hack of 2017 compromised systems that were not updated with Windows updates within 2 months of the attack. This highlights the importance of both patch management and proper cybersecurity training for employees.

An attack like WannaCry, which experts call an “epidemic”, wouldn’t have been possible if cyber security awareness levels were higher around the world. It is vital that disaster recovery strategies today include cyber security awareness, proper training, and orientation of the human element.

What can Cyber Security Consultancy do for you?

Organisations can now rely on cyber security consulting to help them protect themselves against cyber attacks. There are many types of cyber security consulting services available that can assist different types and sizes of organizations, depending on their size.

Cybersecurity Consultancy is available for both large and small organizations.

Let’s first look at how cybersecurity consulting can help protect organisations with very limited cyber infrastructure. Here are the top ways that high-quality UK cyber security consulting can help.

  1. Assess where your organisation is in terms of cyber security readiness and resilience.
  2. Evaluate the needs of your organisation in terms of technology investments and staff training.
  3. Examine existing disaster recovery and incident response plans.
  4. Board/Management should be able to drive cybersecurity initiatives and emphasize the importance of cyber security for business.

Prilient offers a curated service to businesses that do not have a cybersecurity team or Chief Information Security Officer. Further, This gap is filled by our vCISO (Virtual CISO Consulting) service. It provides access to outside cybersecurity, governance and compliance experts in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

A Trusted Cybersecurity Advisory Service is also available. This service is for businesses with cybersecurity infrastructure and teams.

What can cyber security consulting do for such organizations? These are just a few of the many benefits that our trusted cyber security advisory services can bring to these organizations:

firstly, External Expertise. Sometimes the internal team may not be able to see cybersecurity objectively because they are too involved in it. In many cases, external insight can prove to be very helpful.

secondly, Review of Policies and Procedures: Many clients choose to have their policies and processes reviewed and updated by outside experts. To spot flaws in even the most well-crafted artifacts, a fresh pair of eyes can always be helpful.


Thirdly, Support for crisis situations: Even the most experienced cybersecurity professionals feel the need to get objective advice from an outside expert who is familiar with the organization’s context. A company’s CISO and security team might feel too involved in the chaos, so they can benefit from objective advice from an experienced outsider.

How do you choose your cyber security consulting partner?

Because there are so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right partner for cyber security consulting. It is important to understand your exact cyber security needs and evaluate the best options.

These are some tips to help you choose the right consultancy for your company.

  • Define the organisation’s objectives: Management and technical teams need to meet and define clearly the results they want by engaging outside cybersecurity experts. As they can often feel neglected, this can lead to long-term resentment.
  • Avoid hiring independent contractors. Independent contractors are usually one-person shows. Your business will still be able to rely on the person if they are unavailable for any reason.

    We also recommend that you hire consultancies with multiple experts so that the consultant assigned to your account can always fall back on the advice/guidance/opinions of a larger team when a particularly problematic situation arises.
  • Search for simplicity and flexibility: Simplicity is one of the most important traits to look for in a cyber security consulting. Avoid anyone who tries to make cyber too complicated for you. Unfortunately, some consultants aim to make solution offers more complicated in order to secure a long-term contract with a customer. Take this as a warning sign. Choose consultancies that are willing to be flexible and give services on your schedule and within your budget.

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