What to do when your Car Ignition won’t work?


Like most drivers, you probably don’t consider the intricate series of events that take place each morning as you get in your car and head out. Starting the car by inserting the key into the ignition is automatic. However, you might not be able to start your automobile at all if it has ignition switch issues. Unexpected shutdowns or electrical issues can result from ignition switch faults, which can also be problematic when driving.

Ignition switch issues are certainly annoying, especially if they prevent you from getting to work, school, or a fun activity. Dealing with an ignition switch issue as soon as possible will be keep you from the getting stuck. Here are some frequent problems and fixes.

Wrong key wrong car 

There aren’t many millions of possible combinations for a typical automobile key. Chances are good that you could mistakenly unlock someone else’s car door if an automaker sells 200,000 vehicles annually, especially given that car door cylinders contain fewer tumblers than ignition cylinders, which means fewer possibilities.

Of course, with all those extra tumblers, you probably won’t be able to start the ignition if you use your key to enter the vehicle itself. Furthermore, the immobilizer will prevent you from starting the car on the off chance that you do turn the ignition cylinder because it is secured by one-in-million transponder codes.

How To Fix It: Ensure that you are attempting to start your vehicle. Much to the displeasure of car owners and unintentional criminals, this truly has happened.

Steering wheel binding 

A potential burglar cannot operate the steering wheel lock without the key because the ignition cylinder is mechanically attached to it. Weather steering wheel lock may bind and prevent you from turning the ignition if you turn the steering wheel while turning off the engine or after turning off the engine.

Fortunately, this can be fixed quickly. Simply reverse the wheel until the ignition cylinder is released, and if can’t, then call a car locksmith

Work key or ignition cylinder 

Mechanical parts are prone to wear out; this is also true of the key cylinders and mechanical keys utilized in your car’s ignition system. Thousands of times a year, you may insert and remove the ignition key, slightly wearing the key and tumblers. Heavy keychains can put the ignition cylinder under extra strain, which accelerates wear. The key can eventually lose its grip on the cylinder or become stuck in the lock position. Or, because they haven’t worn together, an unused key might not work with a worn ignition cylinder.

How To Fix It: Getting a new lockset with new keys and a new cylinder is the best way to accomplish this. Consider purchasing a lockset that matches and contains both the door and trunk cylinders. Also, consider hiring a car key duplication service so that you won’t need an emergency locksmith service

Ignition switch fault 

A shaft or lever connects the ignition switch to the ignition cylinder directly. Several contacts that connect to essential electrical systems inside the ignition switch allow the car to start and run. The year, make, and model have a big impact on these generalizations.

You may not be able to start your automobile if the ignition switch malfunctions due to worn ignition switch contacts, temperature issues, or broken springs. Poor ignition switch connections could potentially cause the engine to shut off while you’re driving, which is dangerous.

How To Fix It: Replace the ignition switch after making sure the remainder of the electrical system is secure, including fuses, relays, and circuits.

Immobilizer problems 

There are millions of different codes that the chip in the key transmits. Engine starting is possible if this code matches the ones preprogrammed into the car. Engine starting would be impossible with a bad key code, such as one from an unprogrammed or damaged key. Multiple keys or other instances of code confusion can also block ignition. Electrical issues can hinder the engine immobilizer from reading transponder codes, such as damaged immobilizer antenna wiring, which often surrounds the ignition cylinder. Last but not least, some keys include battery-amplified transponders, thus a dead battery can make it impossible to read the codes. 

How To Fix It: Replace the battery in amplified transponders to fix the issue. 

Wrapping up 

An automobile locksmith is just at one hand distance, you can always contact them instead of trying unknown things by yourself. 

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