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What To Think About When Selecting An Urgent Family Clinic

What To Think About When Selecting An Urgent Family Clinic

When you experience unexpected medical issues, you can go to your primary care physician, emergency room, or urgent care. Where you choose largely depends on the type of care, you are looking for. Suppose you have a true emergency; the best thing is to visit an emergency room. However, suppose your health issue is non-life-threatening but severe enough to require urgent medical attention. In that case, a critical care family clinic is the quickest way to receive quality and affordable care. How is it to choose an urgent care center? Knowing exactly where to go when you experience a critical medical situation will save time and energy and give you peace of mind. This article provides information on how to choose an urgent care center. 

Location of the Urgent Care Center

Suppose you experience an unexpected medical issue; the last thing you want to do is drive for a long time to get to the urgent care clinic. Usually, the urgent care center you go to will be a quick car ride away. If you cannot find an urgent care center you prefer, you should consider clinics in the surrounding area. Also, you will need to know roughly how long it will take you to find an urgent care center. Booking an appointment online will help determine the time you need to access the facility.

Consider if They Accept Your Insurance Cover

It is up to your physician to tell you if they will cover the urgent care visit cost. Most health plans provide in-network coverage for urgent care, and using your co-pay might differ from the regular doctor visit. Before visiting an urgent care family clinic, you should check to prepare for what you might require to pay out-of-pocket. Ensure the clinic accepts your health insurance. Suppose they are in-network; this means they have negotiated a rate with your insurance company which means you will end up paying less. 

Not all urgent care facilities accept insurance; however, most do. When you choose an out-of-network urgent care center, the insurance plan might refuse to pay, leaving you with a substantial medical bill. Call the urgent care center to see if they accept your health insurance. After, you should call your insurance provider to double-check that the facility is known to be in-network. Therefore, ensure you get clarification upfront so you can avoid any surprises.

Types of Physicians Available in the Facility

At any urgent care center, there are several healthcare providers. These can include:

  • Physicians
  • Pediatricians
  • Geriatricians
  • Family doctors
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Lab technicians
  • Physician assistants.

When selecting an urgent care facility, it would be best to ask what providers work there. These medical providers have expertise in treating patients with acute medical issues. You might not care who will treat you if you are an adult, but kids need a qualified pediatrician. Another urgent care center only accepts adult patients, while others specialize in children. This can affect your experience. Before you opt for an urgent care clinic, inquire if your whole family can go there or if you need to find a different facility.

The Hours Urgent Care Clinic is Open

It would help if you got care fast when you need it. Different urgent care facilities have additional operating hours. Therefore you will be required to find one whose hours suit you. An urgent care center that is closed on the weekends and holidays might be better. It, therefore, depends on what you require.

Check if They Allow Online Visits

The average time to wait at an urgent care facility if you do not have an appointment is about 15 to 40 minutes. This time is affected by several factors like the number of patients waiting to be attended to, how severe your ailment or injury is, whether you have made an appointment forehead and whether the doctor takes the time to treat your condition. Urgent care centers allow you to book an appointment online if you do not want to wait. This will help to save more time.


Choosing an urgent care family clinic should be clear. With these tips, you can find an urgent care facility that suits your requirements. Evaluating these tips is critical and will help you quickly find the best facility that meets your needs. Urgent care is your best option if you do not have an emergency but cannot wait to be seen by your primary care physician. However, not all urgent care facilities are created the same. Some are independently managed while others are affiliated with hospitals which means quality will differ as well as the cost. 

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