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What Type of Virtual Booths & Networking Can Help in Electric Hybrid Expo?

Networking Can Help in Electric Hybrid Expo

It is not possible to tell one virtual booth type or networking tool that can make your electric hybrid expo perfect. But there are some pointers that can guide and lead you with an ideal solution for your virtual event platform. So, here are the various features that you can add to your virtual booths and networking opportunities to achieve success. 


14 Virtual Booths & Networking Features for Electric Hybrid Expo

14 Features that can be helpful to attain success with a perfect virtual booth and networking tools are as follows:


  • Customizable Virtual Booths

You can get the freedom to design and create a virtual booth with customization. Moreover, you can only get such options with the top virtual event platforms. Some solutions offer a DIY booth module. So, you can adjust various colors, banners, functionality, icons, symbols along with video recordings, pictures, or even PDFs. Hence, the ‘do it yourself’ features make your virtual booth as it is as you want.


  • Feature the Videoes and Logos

You can get complete freedom to create and upload various videos and logos as per your requirements. Moreover, you can display these infographics at the place of the banner or your virtual booth with the best hybrid expo platform. Also, you can use these infographics for easy promotion and marketing of your electric hybrid expo.


  • Includes an About Page

You can get an about page for your brand and the topics of the expo. Moreover, the top virtual event platform asks for such information in order to share whatever you have with the attendees. So, you can prepare whatever you want to share with the users during the electric virtual event.


  • Display Your Products or Services Images

You should get proper space to display the various products and service images. Moreover, the top hybrid expo platform offers proper banner functionality. So, you can create innovative infographics in order to showcase them on your virtual event platform. It is a shortcut to brand awareness and your products and services promotion.


  • Have Proper Networking Tools

It is essential that you get to include various tools and elements that can increase the networking at your electric hybrid event. So, you can look for a virtual event platform that can provide you with numerous features. These networking tools will be helpful in creating better connections and chances of communication.


  • Have a Complete Team of Representatives to Answers the Questions

You have to assign a proper team of representatives that can handle the virtual booths better. Moreover, you can get various questions as many attendees reach and question these representatives. So, you have to create and prepare a team of representatives who can be available during the electric hybrid expo. Providing the answers in real-time to the users can be beneficial to increase sales and ROI.


  • Follow Best Practices for Hybrid Expo Promotion

Promotion and marketing are the most important for every event so that the maximum audience can know what you are up to this time. Moreover, it can be helpful to increase the number of registrations for your electric hybrid expo. So, it is necessary that you promote your electric hybrid expo using various infographics and social media channels.


  • Dynamic Banners Functionality

You can get dynamic banners functionality that can be helpful to create a perfect ambiance for your electric hybrid expo. Moreover, you can decide and create various gifs, images, or other videos that you can display on the banner. Also, you can divert the attendees to your website by adding links to these banners. So, you can create various banners for your sponsors and organizers.


  • Create Multiple Networking Tables

It is important to discuss various topics and queries in small groups so that everyone can share their opinions and ask questions they have in their mind. Moreover, you can get networking tables options with the top hybrid expo platform. So, you can create a round table with 8 seats during the electric hybrid expo. All the attendees can discuss similar topics with live chat, audio, and video calls options.


  • Use AI-Based Matchmaking Tool

It is hard to create a networking experience in physical events. But still, you can develop great endurance with the AI-based tool used for matchmaking. AI has changed and made the work of humans easy. Moreover, you can get the AI matchmaking tool with the top virtual event platform to suggest some matches with similar interests. This tool analyzes the demographic information submitted at the time of registration and creates great matches with the same interests.


  • Add Gamification to Your Electric Hybrid Expo Platform

You can engage young attendees in your electric hybrid expo with AR/VR games. Moreover, you can get 100+ games for your electric hybrid expo with the best hybrid expo platform. So, keep such ideas on your list. Also, you can make gamification more interesting and create a healthy competition with leaderboards and contests. Keep rewards with your brand names for successful branding.


  • Provide Proper Emoticons for Engagement During the Virtual Sessions

Interrupting between the virtual sessions with noises can make the experience poor only. So, you can get the various clap, heart, like, hoot, and other emoticons options to share how you feel with the speakers without interrupting the session in between.


  • Manage Sessions Access for VIP or Paid Events

You can control the various sessions and make them accessible and unapproachable for the attendees. It can be helpful in VIP sessions and paid event sessions. Moreover, you can get complete control over the electric hybrid expo with the top virtual event platform.


  • Exchange Business Card with Requests and Approval

A networking tool that can be helpful to share the business card just like the physical events will be perfect for your electric hybrid expo. Moreover, you can request others to share their business card and approve others’ requests to share yours. So, you can get such features smoothly with the top virtual event platform.

So, these are the various types of features that you should look for in your electric hybrid expo. It can be helpful to create the perfect type of virtual booths and networking opportunities for your electric hybrid expo.

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