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WhatsApp Statistics: Users, Revenue, Message Volume. From there,

WhatsApp Statistics: Users, Revenue, Message Volume. From there,

Assuming you’re one of the people comprar seguidores twitter who believed that WhatsApp was just implied for texting your companions and perhaps your family, you would be mainly mixed up. Because of new usefulness being carried out, it’s presently likewise transforming into a valuable instrument that organizations can use to associate with their expected clients and the other way around.



  1. There Are 5.22 Billion Unique Mobile Phone Users Across the World

To place many of the insights that we’ll list in this article in context, here’s a number to keep at the rear of your brain. As of January 2021, there were 5.22 billion extraordinary cell phone clients worldwide, as per Hootsuite’s information in its Digital 2021 Global Overview Report. This works out to 66% of the worldwide populace. It’s up by 1.8% (93 million clients) from 2020.

Of the 5.22 billion cell phone clients, everybody (96.6%) claimed a cell phone.

  1. The more significant part of Internet Users Use It for Communication

The principal reason web clients mature 16 to 64 utilize the web is to get data. Close to 66% of clients worldwide showed that this was their essential justification behind riding the web.

The second most well-known reason web clients in this age bunch distinguished were to keep in contact with loved ones. Keeping up to speed with what was occurring in the existence of friends and family means quite a bit to them than keeping awake to date with occasions and news.

  1. WhatsApp Has 2 Billion, Monthly Active Users

Measurement: Most famous worldwide versatile courier applications as of October 2021, in view of several month to month Active clients (in millions) | Statista

As per information shared by Statista, toward the finish of July 2021, WhatsApp flaunted two billion month-to-month dynamic clients across the globe, making it the most well-known worldwide versatile courier application. In five years, it multiplied its month-to-month emotional clients a lot quicker than it took to get its initial billion. As per a diagram shared by Statista, it took WhatsApp 8.5 years to arrive at one billion month-to-month dynamic clients.

In the second position, it was Facebook Messenger with 1.3 billion month-to-month dynamic clients, and WeChat came in close third with simply over 1.2 billion month-to-month emotional clients.

While QQ, Telegram, and Snapchat are additionally the absolute most famous portable courier applications, none of these had a more significant number than a billion month-to-month dynamic clients yet.

  1. India Has the Most WhatsApp Users

It could come as a shock, yet most WhatsApp clients come from India. As of June 2021, it’s assessed that there were more than 487 million WhatsApp clients in India. There are more than triple as numerous clients in India as in Brazil, the country with the second greatest following.

Indonesia has the third general number of WhatsApp clients (84.8 million), while the United States was exclusively in the fourth spot with 79.6 million.

  1. Highest Number of App Downloads From India

The most number of WhatsApp versatile application downloads in 2020 came from India. In 2021, this pattern proceeded, and in Q1 2021, India was driving the way with more than 18 million downloads through Google Play. Altogether, the WhatsApp application was  75.4 multiple times across the world during this quarter, implying that India represented practically 24% of the downloads.

  1. the Highest Growth of WhatsApp Downloads

While France probably won’t have the most significant downloads in the prior quarter of 2021, the development rate merits exceptional notice. As of Q1 2021, France flaunted the quickest developing WhatsApp market. As indicated by information shared by Statista, WhatsApp downloads from the Apple App Store for this locale expanded by 38.8%, contrasted with Q4 2020.

Sri Lanka had the second most noteworthy development (31%), while Malaysia’s growth of 22.1% was the third most elevated.

For More:

  1. It Has More Male Users

As indicated by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) information, as of Q3 2020, it was  by additional men than ladies. Simply more than half of its clients were male. Female clients made up just 45.5% of its absolute client base.


  1. Around 100 Billion Messages Were Sent Per Day in 2020

Toward the finish of October 2020, Will Cathcart, the Head of WhatsApp, uncovered in a tweet that their administration conveyed pretty much 100 billion messages each day in the previous year.

  1. Clients Are Spending Billions of Minutes Talking Each Day

More individuals are utilizing the voice and video calling highlight presented by WhatsApp. As per organization information, during March 2020, clients on regular spent more than 15 billion minutes talking every day through WhatsApp calls.

Toward the finish of April 2020, the organization additionally expanded the number of members who could join a WhatsApp voice or video call at once to eight.

  1. The Average Time Spent Per User Is Nearly 20 Hours Per Month

As indicated by information accumulated by App Annie, the typical time a client spent on WhatsApp was 19.4 hours out of every month in 2020, while it was 9.3 hours for WhatsApp Business for a similar period (on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what WhatsApp Business is, leap to measurement #18 on our rundown or our FAQ segment toward the end). Just 2.7 hours were spent on Facebook Messenger each month per client to place this in context.

  1. Will Be Over 85 Million US Users in 2023

In 2019, more than 68 million US cell phone clients utilized WhatsApp. As per information shared by Statista, it’s expected that this number will be 85.8 million clients by 2023.

As referenced before, it could come as a shock. However, the US doesn’t have the most WhatsApp clients. While there are many US clients, with regards to US crowd reach, it falls behind Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Facebook Messenger has a compass of 57% among US versatile clients, while Snapchat has a range of 24.6%.

  1. A Third of Internet Users Are  About Misuse of Personal Data

In May 2021, WhatsApp presented another disputable protection strategy.  However, as per the organization’s clarification, the advancements would just influence messages shipped off organizations.

As per the discoveries of a comprehensive worldwide study of web clients matured 16 to 64, a third demonstrated that they have worries that their information online may be  by organizations. It was the most noteworthy among Portuguese clients (53.9%), trailed by Spanish clients (53.4%).

Wrapping Things Up


While WhatsApp’s progressions in its security strategy before this year could have made some reconsider whether they ought to overhaul their application, it’s evident from taking a gander at these insights that it stays one of the most remarkable and famous applications across the globe. Many have positioned it as the most significant application on their cell phone – straight up there with any semblance of Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook.

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