Where Should I Purchase My Tyres From?

Being a car owner means taking complete responsibility for your vehicle. To keep your vehicle all set to you will have to pay extra attention to its various parts. Like Tyres, brake, suspension, etc. These are some of the elements of your vehicle that plays a crucial role in moving the vehicle firmly. The most of which is tyres.

Your vehicle’s tyres play an important role in providing you with safety while driving. This means your Tyres Bridge of Don should be properly working. It is believed that your tyres can impact the working stability of the vehicle in both a positive and negative manner. It certainly means getting them checked regularly for any damage, but also replacing them at the right time.

With so many different places to buy your tyres, you can be in a dilemma where to buy from if your know what tyres you are looking for. It has been observed that motorists that buy tyres every 5-6 years gets confused about where to buy tyres from? Is your sealer trustworthy or not is also a big question. However, buying tyres from a dealership is the best option because they have access to tyres for all types of vehicles and may offer you a better value.

There are many other options where you can buy your tyres from like – retailers, directly from the manufacturing company, factory outlets and garages. There are various options to choose from but finding the best one is up to you. Sometimes it is hard to trust the dealer, or they are providing you with the low-quality tyre at high rates. There could be many possibilities of what can go wrong. But you will need to trust the place you will buy your tyres from.

As it is said- There are advantages and drawbacks of everything. Similarly, you can find the pros and cons of buying tyres from each of the mentioned places above. It is you who has to make the right decision, do the research.

What is the difference between buying tyres from different places-


When you are in contact with dealers, you can get access to various types of tyres of different brands. As a result, the dealership’s service department is brimming with professionals that can operate on any vehicle. Dealers have a wide range of inventory- they have a huge range of tyres from different brands and manufacturers.

Whatever tyre type you want, you can get everything you require at your dealer. It is very simple – If you choose a tyre dealership, it will allow you to have access to almost any type of tyre you wish to have. Additionally, they provide you with many options, discounts, and fair prices that you might not get at the tyre outlets.

With having such a big inventory, they can get their tyres at a significant discount. If they have an extra pair of winter tyres they can sell that at a good discount. In most cases, buying tyres from a dealership is less expensive than buying them from a big box store. In addition, many dealerships offer service incentives, which can help you save even more money.


if you choose to buy tyres directly from the manufacturers like Bridgestone. It is a guarantee that you will receive a good quality product but the rates of the product might differ. There will not be any discount or sale. You will directly be dealing with the tyre manufacturer so they will provide you with a warranty period for the tyres as well.

It will not be an easy-going process. Buying directly from the manufacturers is way easy as you will have access to limited stuff according to your requirements and choosing will be better. At the tyre manufacturing outlets. It is also possible that you get some of the tyre services for free.


Just like dealerships, you can get access to a huge variety of tyres with retailers and at different garages. The retailers stock various types of tyres of different brands and sell them at a fair price. You can also get discounts, sales and offers of various tyres. Not just tyres, they provide related services to tyres. You cannot just say no to buying Bridgestone Tyres Bridge of Don. These garages are government approved and even offer services like MOT to make sure their customers are satisfied.

With so many options available, it might get difficult, you can consult experts or even your related and friends who have recently bought tyres.

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