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Which is the better investment option: real estate or mutual funds?

Goel Ganga Group, It is critical to make wise investments in today’s world. By correctly investing your hard-earned money, you may not only attain financial goals but also, to some extent, safeguard your future. There are several investing choices accessible on the market today.

However, as an investor, it is your job to carefully research the investment options and make a decision that will benefit you in the long run. It is usually best to choose an investment choice that provides the highest possible returns while posing the least amount of risk.

Following are the two investment options, real estate and mutual funds and let us understand which is better. Before we begin making comparisons, we must first understand why we are investing in these two in the first place. People buy real estate to live in, rent out, or retain for capital appreciation.

  1. Liquidity

In reality, before considering the returns on your investment, consider the liquidity of the investment possibilities accessible.

In times like these of COVID-19, when cash is king, you would have been or will be far better off investing in a liquid asset class, i.e. something you can sell when you need the money the most. Real estate is largely illiquid, but mutual funds are entirely liquid. With a single click, you can withdraw your mutual fund investment at any moment.

  1. Risk factor

Mutual funds, as comparison to real estate, provide a mixture of uncertainty. Trading stocks and derivatives is a high-risk endeavour. Making money from equities and leverage trades is a highly specialised sector that demands exceptional expertise.

  1. Easy to invest

Investing in real estate does not necessitate any special abilities; even a new home buyer can do it. Real estate is not just a safer option for investment, in fact it is also more likely to offer you high return of investment. In addition to this, it will also provide you with a stable roof over your head for generations to come.

According to Goel Ganga Group Reviews, their projects are right place to invest in Pune. Pune is the most favourable real estate investment for new-age homebuyers. Goel Ganga Group offers the value for money as their projects are reasonable to invest in.

  1. Stable return of investment

One of the most significant advantages of owning your own house is the consistent rental income it may create for you with near-perfect dependability. Unlike mutual funds, when you own a house, you are not at the whim of fluctuating market forces that might deplete your net worth overnight. Owning a property ensures that you will have a consistent and regular monthly income that will increase over time – along with the capital worth of your home, says Goel Ganga Group Owner, Atul Goel.

Why real estate is better than mutual funds?

Real estate encompasses the ground as well as any physical property or improvements affixed to the region, such as buildings, residences, landscaping, and natural resources. Real estate is regarded as the asset with the highest returns, which is unrivalled by any other asset type. We believe that real estate is less dangerous since it is a physical asset over which we have complete control.

The demand for real estate is constantly increasing, and history demonstrates that prices have always risen quickly. As a result, real estate is one of the most popular investment alternatives among many investors.

On the other hand, mutual funds are thought to be extremely hazardous. People assume that investing in mutual funds and equities is equivalent to gambling.


Real estate investing is an excellent method to diversify your financial portfolio. You can mitigate the danger of high-risk investments, such as mutual funds investing. Furthermore, if you invest in properties, you may benefit from the income flow as the property appreciates, providing you with big financial gains when you need it most – in retirement.

If you need it, real estate may be a liquid asset. Don’t invest money you’ll need right now, but keep in mind that any money you’ve put into real estate may normally be liquidated within a few months if necessary. Investing in Goel Ganga Group projects is the right option as it will help you in meeting your financial objectives.

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