Which Photo Booth Type is Perfect For Your Wedding?

A photo booth is a memory machine. It is equipped with a digital camera to click pictures and there is a printer with it as well. You can get the print of your photos on the spot. Apart from food and dance, a photo booth is another important component of a wedding ceremony nowadays. In fact, your wedding is incomplete if you do not arrange a photo booth and matching wedding photo booth props.

There are different types of wedding photo booths that you can arrange to make your special day more memorable. You can consult with an expert to give your wedding photo booth a perfect look. 

Because there are so many photo booth types available in the market, it can be daunting for anyone to choose the perfect setup for themselves. 

To help you make your decision, here we have listed some of the popular photo booth types for you. 

Studio style Photo booths having no walls

These types of photo booths are quite unique. There are no walls and it only consists of a taped square on the floor where the guests can stand. Moreover, there is a backdrop, a photographer, and professional studio lights.

This photo booth type is adored by the guests, thanks to its creativity and ease of use. 

You can get more animated photos as the photographer interacts directly with the guests. It is also less claustrophobic and provides a wide enough room to move. But a major disadvantage of such a setup is that you cannot get photo strips on the spot. 

But other than this single con, studio-style photo booths can make any wedding decor shine. 

Modern digital Photo Booths

These Photobooths come equipped with modern gadgets. The high-resolution cameras and printers promise great photos. You can get the photo in less than 20 seconds. Moreover, the photos can be edited to make them more presentable. The editing leaves a nostalgic effect on the captured photos. 

The processing time is very quick and the printed photos are customized with the couple’s name and wedding date. It also offers the option of sharing photos online with the guests. But, due to a totally modernized approach, it gives less of an antique feel. The fact that guests can see already what the photo may look like so it might be less candid as well.

Antique photo booths

This proves to maintain a classy look. The porcelain doors and seats, hardwood tops, and rounded edges ensure an elegant look. 

It also gives a vintage look and detailed photos that usually don’t fade quickly. Depending upon your photo booth organizer the overall look and the vibe may vary. But if the arrangement is installed perfectly it will turn out to be a great memory for everyone at your wedding.

There are many other different themes that you can also consider. With the diversity of ideas and creative approach, you can make it much more classy than anyone had ever done before. 

A few of the other photo booths ideas that you should also consider are:

  •         Open air photo booth
  •         GIF photo booth
  •         Inflatable photo booth
  •         Array photo booth
  •         360 photo booth
  •         Mirror booth
  •         Roaming photo booth
  •         Slow motion video booth
  •         Photo Mosaic wall rental
  •         Video FX photo booth
  •         Vogue photo booth

Whatever the theme you are going to set for your wedding photo booth, make sure you keep a few things in mind. It is observed that people sometimes fail to get things done as they desire. The reason is that they neglect essential factors while arranging the photo booth.

The most important role is of the event organizer who should take care of all the aspects. You should also play your part by taking care of some things on your own. 

Always look for the best place while arranging the photo booth. The second thing is space. Do not go for wide spaces nor restrict it to a much smaller area. Always ensure that the photo booth is wide enough that your guests can easily pose there and can enjoy the photo session. 

There are a lot of service providers that you can hire for the perfect setup. And last but not the least; don’t forget to arrange wedding photo booth props because they add more to the experience. As you know, without the props, the photo booth looks a bit incomplete.

Final Thoughts

A photo booth is no doubt an ultimate hack to make your wedding ceremony memorable. 

There are different themes and ideas that you can consider. Always go for the one that you like the most and suit your budget and personality. Despite over ragging the arrangements, always go for a smart approach and choose the photo booth option that perfectly fits your budget and decor.

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