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Whiteboard online for educational purposes


Remote and in-class learning can be made more interesting and pleasant by utilizing Dojoit’s whiteboard online for education.

Enhance brainstorming sessions with the use of a whiteboard online


A whiteboard online can be beneficial regardless of whether you’re working alone or in a group. It enables you to swiftly jot down and organize your thoughts in comparison to traditional paper and pencil. You can participate in a variety of creative brainstorming exercises with relative ease and comfort using templates, freehand drawing, sticky notes, and other user-friendly features. To ensure that everyone has sufficient area to express their ideas, we’ve built an infinite canvas that allows you and your teammates to spread out throughout the board.

You may collaborate in real-time as a team with whiteboard online


When you utilize Dojoit’s web whiteboard, you and your team will feel as if you’re in the same room, even if you’re in separate time zones. You may interact directly with collaborators on your board and with user mentions via chat. You can quickly garner stakeholders’ attention for comment and approval. Follow a collaborator to watch the changes they make on your whiteboard, and send them an emoji reaction to express your appreciation!

A collaborative web whiteboard for online collaboration


Our digital whiteboard assists you in organizing and synthesizing information and data, taking you one step beyond simple ideation. Assistive grouping can be used to group related concepts together. Tags can be used to categorize and arrange a variety of items using any identifier you choose. Utilizing shape containers and sticky notes on your whiteboard online can assist you in ensuring that your thoughts represent as clearly on the board as they are in your head.

Bring your team’s best ideas to the fore and implement them


Dojoit is the only whiteboard software that enables you to immediately exhibit your team’s best ideas and find consensus. Invite members of your community to vote in a group vote directly within your dojoit board to determine which suggestions should be implemented. Participate in polls and provide a visual depiction of the findings to your participants. Thus, you. Your team can reach an agreement on what your group most desires and requires.

To optimize your workflow on web whiteboard


With our smart connections, you can keep your Dojoit web whiteboard connected to the apps you’re already comfortable with and love using. This enables you to increase your productivity and creativity to their maximum levels. Alternatively, you can share your board in a channel of your choice via our Slack interface. You may access, modify, and share your boards via our Google Drive interface. Additionally, it is completely connected to participants, resulting in a robust, fully-functional array of products. That can use to visualize, plan, cooperate, and complete other tasks.

Inspire originality and ingenuity


Dojoit expands hybrid learning options by providing anything from lectures to presentations to collaboration. Discover novel techniques to make distance education feel more real and connected.

Work with remote colleagues in a seamless manner


Dojoit provides all of the benefits of a face-to-face brainstorming session, even if you and your team are working from different locations. Using real-time updates, in-editor chat, and @mentions notifications, you can keep in touch with your team while showcasing your greatest ideas and contributions.

Facilitate meetings in whiteboard online


Meetings may help with relative ease on your digital whiteboard. You may easily invite your group to view a specific section of your whiteboard and then lock the view in place. When it comes to adding structure to your brainstorming session, Dojoit has you covered with a timer and vote mode.

Prior to construction, establish a common vision


Before putting your ideas into action, try to reach a consensus. Create visual representations of your product or process, like wireframes and customer path maps, to convey your message. Then you can export your image to Dojoit, where you can finish your concept and put it into action.

Keep all of your ideas, visualizations, and plans in a single place


Our virtual whiteboard provides an unlimited canvas on which to organize and save all of your information in one convenient location. Sticky notes, the Note Panel, and configurable tags allow you to organize your thoughts in a matter of seconds.

Examine your company from every possible viewpoint


Create a SWOT analysis, a product roadmap, or a customer journey map straight within your online whiteboard to delve further into important business strategies. Share your board and invite collaborators to submit ideas, or export your board to Dojoit for further customization and execution.


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