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Why Biggest Companies are using Javascript ?

This article will tell you few reasons behind the biggest companies using Javascript

If you are thinking to develop an application or website with Javascript and are still you are confused whether to choose or not, then read this article “

Javascript is one of the most demanding technology and it has been popular worldwide. Most developers love to work with Javascript as it provides plenty of features and functionalities. Companies used Javascript in many flashing apps as it provides the coolest stuff.

Most companies look for Javascript developers for developing rich user interfaces and applications. So let see what are the reasons for the popularity of Javascript

Easy to find contractors

JS development is central worldwide, therefore it is easy to find contractors for your project as 71.5% of the coders can effectively use this language. So, you can easily hire Javascript developers for your business applications. It is not much harder to find like in Python and Go

Popularity and Rapid Growth

Popularity is one of the major reasons to use Javascript. As per the report of Stack Overflow and GitHub, Node js, Angularjs, and React js are the three most popular frameworks of Javascript. Strong community and active support is very important to choose any framework and making any decisions. Because if you choose a framework with strong community support, and if you run into a problem, you will find comprehensive solutions for your errors.

But with Javascript, you won’t have any problems. Because Javascript is one of the emerging technology with extensive community support.

Quicker Development Cycle

As Javascript executes on the server side, then executing and building an application becomes quicker.

Cross-platform and Immutability

Javascript is compatible with any device and it supports every operating system. If the backend is written in Javascript, then your product will run on every device. This means with a little support, you can make desktop applications and mobile applications with Javascript. Once you get the code written in Javascript, then you get your products to run on different platforms without the need of writing a single code.

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

There are various frameworks that allow writing apps for iOS and Android mobile platforms and even you can achieve the same code base with the desired results.

Asynchronous Operations

Javascript and Node JS work great with asynchronous operations, which provides advantages over some other languages and improves work with third-party API, and databases and builds modular architectures.

Large Number of Frameworks

In Javascript, there is a large number of frameworks with their own communities. It has so much stuff which will let you create mobile, desktop, and web-based applications without much interference in the source code. If you want to develop not only one m, but several applications then you can benefit from it, even if you can shorten the development time and avoid overspending.

Vast User Community and Library Ecosystem 

It has a huge online community that provides coders with JS fundamentals, insights, tutorials, articles and videos. It lets you to stay updated with the latest trends and developments. The widely used JS practices guarantee the ultimate experience right out of the box.

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