Why Choose A VAT Tax Return At Forthright Consultancy?

Why Choose A VAT Tax Return At Forthright Consultancy?

The United Arab Emirates has shifted by instituting a value-added tax, a relatively recent change. This development was created to assist the general population and the country’s commercial enterprises. Not only would the value-added tax lessen the country’s reliance on the oil and hydrocarbon industry, but it will also make the process of submitting tax returns much less complicated.

The United Arab Emirates just implemented a value-added tax. Thus the government there opted to set the tax rate at 5%. Although it may not seem like a lot initially, this new cash source will significantly aid the government in improving the country’s infrastructure and providing other necessities to its citizens. In addition, the government has gone so far as to impose fines if different organisations fail to submit their Vat return filing correctly.

What Is Filing VAT Returns?

A Vat return filing is nothing more than a report to the relevant tax authorities detailing the amount of VAT a taxpayer must pay or get back. If a firm’s output tax is higher than its input tax, the corporation must pay the difference to the appropriate authorities in the form of a net output tax payment. 

On the other hand, if a firm’s output tax is higher than its input tax, the VAT authority is obligated to pay the company for the excess output tax. Therefore, VAT returns are typically filed quarterly to reflect the company’s financial standing accurately.

Each taxable person is expected to disclose data such as sales and other outputs, purchases, and other investments for each tax period. This reporting obligation applies to sales and different results, assets, and investments. Figures related to standard, zero-rated, exempt, reverse charge, export, and import transactions are included in the VAT returns submitted in Dubai.

Why Choose Forthright Consultancy For VAT Tax Returns?


The first item that requires your full and undivided attention is the status of the VAT company in which you are participating. To determine its reputation, you must first assess its performance compared to its contemporaries. Next, you need to inquire with a few businesses with which the corporation has previously collaborated to determine whether it can do the job.


It would help if you also determined whether or not the Company formation and liquidation has the appropriate licences. It is essential since it is against the law in the UAE to use the services of a company that is not licensed. Therefore, inquire with the head of the company you are working with about receiving authorisation to submit Vat return filing in Dubai.


Suppose you want to find a reliable company that can manage your Vat return filing requirements, look for one that is very professional in how it goes about its business. Because accounting is not child’s play and thus requires the expertise of a professional, anybody who claims to be able to perform it must be a professional.


Although everyone has to begin somewhere, it is not a good idea to let a VAT agency start your business for you. Instead, insist on hiring a company operating in the sector for an adequate amount of time, as this will indicate that the Company formation and liquidation has the necessary knowledge to manage VAT-related issues.


Some situations might arise in Dubai where a person, despite having sought assistance from the best VAT Company formation and liquidation in Dubai, may end up on the wrong side of the law. 

Because of this, you must investigate how well the company handles its clientele’s inquiries and concerns. If you run into problems with VAT law enforcers, a business with a competent customer service desk will be able to send someone to your location to assist you.


Why would you want to invest a lot in the company when you are also responsible for paying the tax? Be careful to have an upfront cost discussion before engaging the services of any VAT company in Dubai; this step comes first. 

Then, agree on the most reasonable fee and will inspire the employees to perform to the best of their abilities, all while ensuring that your business has access to the resources it needs to grow.

Advantages of Working With A Professional Tax Advisor at Forthright Consultancy

A tax consultant is an industry specialist with a comprehensive understanding of tax consulting. The following is a list of the many reasons you want VAT consultation assistance.

1. Assistance in real-time with the most recent legal amendments

A result of the fact that the government of the United Arab Emirates has made payment of the Value Added Tax (VAT), which is a relatively recent addition to the tax system. Hiring a vat consultant allows you to understand your decisions better and the vat files you complete.

2. Make the system more reliable

Since VAT is a complicated tax that not everyone understands, a consultant gives the company a better grasp of the law and ensures that the VAT returns are filed in the most straightforward and error-free way possible.

3. Guidance from subject matter experts for the longer term

A company’s management is responsible for preparing many reports and other critical corporate papers for the firm to submit its VAT returns. Corporate governance will be able to recognise the trend of the industry and behave in a manner that is consistent with it if they do a more in-depth examination of those firms.

Hiring VAT Returns at Forthright Consultancy

When all of the considerations mentioned above are considered, a Company formation and liquidation will have an easier time selecting a consultant that will aid in the company’s efforts to plan for the future and take actions that are appropriate to those plans. A VAT expert will not only assist the company in correctly filing the tax returns but will also assist the firm in better preparing for the future to benefit the company.

You should investigate the services offered by Forthright Consultancy if you are considering hiring a tax consultancy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These services are available to you. Forthright Consultancy is a well-respected accounting and auditing firm in Dubai that will first get an understanding of your company before delivering the services. If you are interested in learning more about the many services that Forthright Consultancy offers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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