Why Competency Demonstration Report is required for Engineers Australia?

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a document that engineers use to prove their expertise and get a visa to Australia. A CDR evaluates the education and competency level of engineers overseas. Engineers Australia offers assistance to candidates in preparing a CDR.

CDR is an essential report for engineers interested in settling down in Australia and starting a professional career there. Those interested in moving to Australia may have many questions about Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR). 

Australia is becoming a perfect destination for all types of skilled workers, from engineers to those seeking a professional career to those wishing to settle here permanently. It is one of the top countries in the world for immigrants, and there are many reasons for this, including good career growth, proper body development, and a good work environment. These numbers are steadily rising.

A similar trend is underway in terms of skilled workers entering Australia. The Australian authorities have determined to recruit the most experienced engineers from the professional engineering resources seeking to migrate here. 

Engineers Australia evaluates the necessary documents and skills of engineers in Australia and analyzes all of these things. Engineers Australia conducts competency skills assessments for skilled engineers seeking to enter a skilled migration visa.

What is a Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)?

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a document that engineers use to prove their expertise and get a visa to Australia. A CDR evaluates the education and competency level of engineers overseas. According to the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet, poorly written CDRs have a lower chance of settlement in Australia. Engineers Australia offers assistance to candidates in preparing a CDR.

CDR reports are used by engineers who wish to apply for Skilled Migration visas for Australia to prove their competencies. A CDR should adhere to certain guidelines prescribed by Engineers Australia (EA) – the assessing authority for skilled immigration applications.

Engineers Australia required a CDR report from applicants for evaluating skills and knowledge.  Yet, if you submit a poorly written CDR to the EA, your chances of settling down in Australia are greatly reduced. Engineers Australia offers CDR writing services to assist such candidates in preparing a CDR that will help them win positive evaluations from the EA and successfully obtain visas for Australia. Hundreds of engineers have benefited from CDRWritingExpert. CDR Writing Services by professionals who have helped them craft CDRs customized to their specific career roles and accomplishments.

Obtaining an Australian visa requires a CDR, and the quality and excellence determine the likelihood of getting a migration visa. Engineers Australia(EA) is the superior organization for examining the CDRs of all engineer applicants in Australia.

Who needs a CDR Report? And Why?

Engineers who come from abroad consider it a very important document. Australian Engineers Authority who want to start their careers in Australia and settle down must prepare a CDR report.

Engineers Australia checks the CDR report submitted in this way and performs a skill assessment. If the CDR report is as accurate and complete as possible, Engineers will have a significant role in obtaining a migration visa to Australia.

Competency Demonstration Reports(CDRs) are based on undergraduate qualification and demonstrated postgraduate proficiency. Engineering Australia has described every step of the process in the booklet’s guidelines. A CDR is ready to as follows, according to the Engineers Australia.

Three sections of the Competency Demonstration Report

According to Engineering Australia’s MSA booklet, the main sections of the CDR are divided into three sections. The areas are as follows:

  1. Continuing Professional Development

It is a record of progress and development in the engineering field after completing an undergraduate engineering degree. There are several components to this document:

  • Formal information about postgraduate study
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Short courses, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, and technical inspections, as appropriate
  • Examination in private (which may involve journals, manuals, books, etc.)
  • Internships or volunteer work in engineering

 Career Episodes

An engineering career episode describes your engineering education and work experience. Every episode of your engineering career focuses on a unique aspect of your work. Work should be accompanied by proof of employment. The summary statement part of this document is essential. Career episodes are divided into three parts:

  • Introduction (Maximum to 150 words)
  • Background (200 to 500 words)
  • Summary (50 to 150 words)

 Summary Statements

The analysis of all the career episode results helps prepare the summary statement. The form is available on the website as your occupational category, and Websites provide summary statement templates.


According to the above description, CDRs are necessary for engineers who wish to emigrate. We hope that we have succeeded in fulfilling the curiosity of all the questions about your CDR.

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