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Why Consider Laying Cheaper Epoxy Flooring Over Expensive Granite Tiles?

Granite floors look elegant, but they do not break-resistant. Granite will also stain with ease. If you already have granite tiles on the floor, then you may want them to be protected for years. This is where epoxy proves more effective. 

The main advantage of using epoxy is that you can use it as a coating on top of the expensive granite floors as well. Epoxy floors can be used to laminate other expensive floors. You can search for the flooring in Kerikeri expert team. Expert epoxy flooring services are easy to reach online or offline. 

There are many advantages of using epoxy floors in any location. You can continue reading further to get more familiar with the benefits.

Chemical resistant

The first big difference between epoxy and other types of expensive tiles is that epoxy is resistant to chemicals. Even if you drop acid, the floor may not get damaged. The material will act as a lamination on top of the granite tiles.

The acid or any other chemical cannot damage the epoxy layer to reach the granite material. Epoxy is also not reactive with any solvent.

Visually appealing

The granite looks very much attractive. But the top surface of the granite tiles can easily get stained if you do not take proper care. You can make use of Epoxy material to create any possible design. The mix can be used as a coating layer on top of the granite.

You can also sprinkle the epoxy material on top of the granite floor tiles. Epoxy can be used to create a unique pattern that is visually appealing.

Instant application

If you have to lay down concrete tiles, you may need to invest at least one week. For laying down the granite tiles you will have to invest at least two to three weeks. If the area is big, then it may take more time as well.

But epoxy mix can be prepared instantly. You will only have to spread the epoxy mix on top of the granite or concrete floors. The mix will dry out in a short period. It only takes a few hours for the epoxy to dry on its own.


Epoxy material is also sustainable. The tiles can be maintained for many years. It is easy to combine with different types of under floors. Epoxy material will also help in saving energy indoors. The tiles do not absorb excess heat or cold.

The floor will also maintain consistent temperature throughout different climates. The floor will also be easy to curve at difficult edges around the corners.

Robust option

Granite tiles will shatter if you drop a heavy object on them. The same is also true about marble floors. To a certain extent, natural stone will crack as well. But epoxy floors are not the same. The material is intact and will resist any impact. 

If the coating of epoxy material has been placed on top of the granite or marble floor, it acts as a protective layer.

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