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World’s Top Digital Marketing Training With Placement Opportunity

World's Top Digital Marketing Training With Placement Opportunity

Nowadays, individuals typically use digital platforms instead of going to stores in person. Digital platforms are being used more frequently in daily life, particularly in light of the epidemic. Digital marketing is user-generated advertising that is done online.

This indicates that there are numerous, limitless opportunities for brands. Digital marketing assets include your website, brand assets, written content, video content, images, and social media pages, as well as any online tools or products you may have.

Pay-per-click, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, paid social media advertising, and content marketing are examples of digital marketing strategies.

Allow me to assist you with my top 3 recommendations for digital marketing training offered by Indian institutions:


Leading development company Academy of Digital Marketing concentrates on value creation. They work in the fields of higher education, skill development, and content services. According to a poll by higher education Digest, Academy of Digital Marketing is the finest among the five Edutech institutes in India with the quickest growth rates.

The goal is to transform how people and institutions, as well as global enterprises, evolve by providing top-notch services and training using resources, material, and other benchmarks.

Academy of Digital Marketing consistently innovates products and processes as a means of achieving the greatest levels of operational efficacy to provide more value to customers.

HOW COME Academy of Digital Marketing?

It is an organisation that provides numerous courses in digital marketing. There are more than 18000 successful alumni in its global network. The CADM training programme enables you to seize the chance to advance your profession and financial situation to the level you wish. The opportunity to improve their skills through 32 hours of in-person classroom instruction excites aspirants. They have one of the top learning management systems (OLS) in the business.

Seven certificates are available from a single course. Over 3,000,000 and 2000 trained *1100obatches in 25* batches are available.

Various organisations, including UKAF, UK cert, the American Association of EFL, MSME, and project management institutes, have recognised its ISO 299902010 Certified status. They have a number of academies, including ones for content, legal, TEFL, human resources, and more. They collaborate with reliable companies like Gillette, Airtel, Bsnl, Hero, etc.

The news networks BW, Business world, Your story, Hindustan Times, etc. featured Academy of Digital Marketing as well.


32 hours of live instruction and 12 months of boot camp are the teaching methods.

The experience of trainers is at least ten years.

They provide e-learning access for one year, including access to recorded films, games, studies, and review material.

With Academy of Digital Marketing, internships are assured, and there are typically 10+ employment openings each week. Industry projects are completed alongside live projects.


Starting out with digital marketing, effective web page design, search engine optimization, linked in marketing, and youtube marketing are the modules that are listed.

Writing resumes and developing soft skills are complementing modules.

There is simply an rs. 11250 course fee.

There are numerous facilities available for projects, implementations, aid with internships, and certification.

There are numerous other courses you might take that are connected to the Academy of Digital Marketing family because Academy of Digital Marketing is a worldwide recognised university.


One of India’s top digital marketing training centres is Internet Leads Training (ILT). The ILT’s digital marketing courses provide thorough and useful instruction in Cochin, Calicut, and Trivandrum’s major towns.

SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn Ads, and Email Marketing are in-demand courses. They operate a private job site. With the support of their 100 percent practical instruction, the students can use digital marketing to brighten their futures. This institution for digital marketing trainees in respectable businesses that offer competitive salaries.

The ILT, the first institute in Kochi, offers a course in digital marketing to give students access to a Learning Management System. They also have a recruitment site specifically for digital marketers.

Online, offline, corporate, and private SEO training are all available.


One of India’s top digital courses is Learning Catalyst. 2009 saw the establishment of this. This institute’s primary goal is to improve digital marketing training for ambitious students, working professionals, and business owners through both online and offline channels.

Learning Catalyst’s course on digital marketing provides

Web promotion

website design,

Development of mobile apps, Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing, SEM, and SEO

This site also offers mentorship and internship opportunities for students taking courses in digital marketing.

It is commendable that Learning Catalyst now holds weekend sessions for businesses employed by their Mumbai branch.

Mumbai, Vashi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad are among the locations where LC has branches. Online or offline training is available to any aspiring learner or businessperson.


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