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10 Healthy Habits to Teach your Kids

Your child’s mental and physical abilities improve with each passing day. You, as a parent, should always do all you can to help your child develop healthy habits. It’s not difficult to instill healthy habits in your children. You don’t just have to pass on your genes but also some good habits. Your child will learn a lot from you. As a responsible parent, it is essential to live a healthy lifestyle, take care of your child’s health, and encourage good habits in them.

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Raising a child can be a difficult task. It’s a fantastic joy but also a great responsibility. Healthy habits are essential for children to have a good life and not spread diseases to others. These are the things you should teach your children.


Never Skip Meals

Setting up a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule for your child is crucial because it will prevent them from starting out by overindulging in unhealthy snacks. A fixed meal schedule will encourage your child to adopt healthy eating habits from a young age. This is an important learning stage. 

Make sure to explain to your child the importance of healthy eating habits and how junk food can impact their health. To help your child remain active and energetic throughout the day, make nutritious meals that include all food groups.


Take a Bath Every Day

It is essential to teach your child how to wash their hands every day. Even if your child is a little agitated about having to go to the bathroom for a bath every day, let them know that it can lead to infections and unhygienic habits. 

You can make bath time more enjoyable by bringing toys or using natural foaming shampoos formulated with calendula and cocoa oils. This combination creates a relaxing fragrance that will instantly calm your child as they bathe. It also helps to clean and moisturize their hair and skin.

Scroll down to know more healthy habits to teach kids.


Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Family time is essential, especially for a child growing up. Quality family time can help your child connect with others and teach them healthy habits. The perfect time to gather the family around the table, have a meal, and chat is dinner time. Learn to get along with your family members and participate in the conversation.


A Good Sleeping Routine is Important

Your child should get at least 9-12 hours of sleep each night. Good sleep is essential for your child’s development and health. Your child should go to bed at the same hour every night. This will help them stay awake and alert in class. It can also improve their immunity, build resilience, and keep them happy.

Regular sleeping patterns can reduce the risk of developing a number of illnesses. CheckUps Medical Hub, Epharmacy Kenya, helping people get their medicines online and get them delivered right to their doorsteps. Through CheckUps Medical Hub, ordering prescription drugs online isick, simple, and time-saving.

Not Drinking From the Same Glass/Bottle Twice

Children naturally share snacks and drinks with their friends. It is a quick way to spread germs and illnesses like the flu, cold, and strep throat. Let them know that they can have a drink together but that they need to take the glass with them.


Covering The Mouth

To prevent germs from spreading, give your child a tissue or hanky and instruct them to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. If they don’t, they could make their friends sick. This is one of the most important healthy habits to teach your kids.


Hand Washing

When it comes to helping your child adopt healthy habits, hand washing is the best option. Make sure to explain the importance and benefits of hand washing. To prevent infection, teach your children to wash their hands after using the bathroom, before they eat, and after they return from outside. Teach them to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap or liquid hand wash.


Drink Enough Water

Keep it simple and say that water is healthier than soft drinks. You can explain to them that sugary soft drinks are bad for their health. Even if they don’t know why sugar is bad for their health, you can still help them to understand the essential aspects of good health. Soft drinks are not rich in nutrients, but they can add unnecessary calories that could lead to many health problems. Such healthy habits should be taught to your child.


Spend Time With Friends

A child’s development is influenced by his or her friends. Good friends teach your children valuable social skills like communication, cooperation, and problem-solving. It also indirectly impacts their school performance. Encourage your children to have great friendships and to spend time with them. This skill will help them to be successful in life and continue to grow over the years.


Keep Positive

Kids easily get discouraged when they don’t get what they want. Instead, encourage them to be positive and have healthy self-esteem. This skill will help them overcome any challenges in their lives.



It is very essential to follow good habits daily to live healthy and prosperous life. Our overall health is greatly influenced by the way we live. It is your responsibility to instill good values in children so they can lead happy, fulfilling lives. It can be challenging to get your child to adopt healthy habits. However, it is your responsibility to make sure they do it. These tips can help your child live a healthy life from childhood.


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