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10 Nastiest Carpet Stains That Are A Headache To Clean By Yourself!

Did you say carpet cleaning? And are you trying to do so by yourself? No, we don’t mean your regular vacuuming, but the deep cleaning. Are you sure you can carry out this task on your own? And if yes, will you be able to erase all those nasty stains on your carpet that become an eyesore? We bet you can’t! 

A list of the most stubborn carpet stains requiring professional cleaning. 

There are various companies providing services for carpet cleaning in Blacktown. Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney is one of them. They have got a whopping experience of many years and highly trained staff who ensure to clean your carpet spic and span making it gleam like never before. We advise you to call them when you see these types of tough stains on this surface.

  • Coffee stain – Enjoying coffee while watching your favourite show and spilling it in a sudden bout of laughter is typical! However, the stain appearing on your carpet is not at all welcoming and can take days to disappear.
  • Red wine stain – Had a party at home? We are sure drinks and laughter swayed the place. However, this sudden spill of red wine wasn’t really expected, which made a permanent stain on your carpet.
  • Bloodstain – Cut your fingers, and you didn’t realise it until pretty late? Ghosh! The blood dripped on the carpet, and the stain was already turning brown. Probably the mark is becoming a permanent reminder of this day to you! 
  • Pet poop – Pets can be lovely, but their pooping habits can be really tedious. Especially when they are not trained, they keep leaving the marks behind on your carpet. So, how in the world are you going to clean them all by yourself?
  • Gravy stain – Gravies, while serving, can act wild sometimes and head straight over to your carpet. Imagine the hopelessness you feel when the oil mark enters the fibre of your rugs, forming an ugly stamp there!
  • Chocolate stain – Toddlers, toddlers, toddlers! They can do anything they want and have you running after them like crazy trying to stop the disasters from happening. One such calamity happens when they wipe the chocolate from their hands on the carpet. And there stays the stain until they are school-going kids reminiscing about how it all happened.
  • Ink stains – No, we don’t have ink-pots and quills anymore. But yes, sometimes your pens can leak and leave the residue on the surface they were on. Imagine if that surface is your carpet! This stain is going to stop your urge to write anything forever!
  • Nail polish spots – Did you just spill the entire nail polish bottle on the carpet while painting your nails? Then tell us what new shade of stain you added to your floor? Do you think cleaning it would be as easy as removing it by a remover? No, my dear, the pain goes beyond that!
  • Mould on carpets – Mould formation is more than just those black and green marks on your carpet. They are dangerous infestations that can cause various infections. Even if you are not cleaning the carpet to get rid of the spots, do it for the sake of your family’s health and well-being.
  • Berry or fruit juice – You probably served your kid some fruits on a plate on the floor to enjoy. However, we know children! They can’t stay still and especially not while snacking. So your child chose to share the pomegranate and berries with the carpet! Great! Now you’ll have it showing off this friendship sign for months!

Aren’t all of these stains a nightmare for you? Why worry? When you have professional experts in this field to help you out! Hire them for the job, and see the stains going from your home in a jiffy and get the seamlessly clean, tidy, and beautiful home of your dreams! 

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