4 Biggest Ecommerce Business Challenges You Can Overcome With Contact Center

The eCommerce industry has a significant impact on the global economy. Its increasing market size and enticing business profits have convinced brick-and-mortar stores to operate online. This has increased the competition level, making it harder for startups to survive. However, online retail stores that have paid attention to retail BPO services succeeded in acquiring greater heights.

Ecommerce enterprises face numerous challenges when taking care of customers. For them, managing the supply chain and other core activities and simultaneously focusing on non-core operations can be pretty daunting. This is why many small to medium-scale enterprises look for contact centers that are responsible for delivering satisfactory experiences to customers.

Find out how a reliable contact center for eCommerce companies can help mitigate customer support challenges.

4 Biggest eCommerce business challenges that can be avoided with a contact center


Do you know what a customer really wants from an eCommerce brand today? Apart from exciting and eye-catching products, they rely on brands that can satisfy them with their quality services. Studies have confirmed that around 65% of customers look at the quality of customer service before giving the company a five-star rating. For them, customer services matter just as much as the quality of their products.

However, for a hardcore eCommerce brand, meeting such expectations can indeed be challenging. This is because of a few reasons, which have been listed below.

  1. Lack of talented experts to handle customers of eCommerce business:

    Handling customer queries, resolving issues, maintaining customer data, or taking orders are a few important customer support tasks that require special attention. Besides these, customers also expect companies to deliver tailored services to serve their unique needs. This is where eCommerce brands struggle and ultimately hire talents to meet customer expectations.

    Moreover, when the volume of customer calls and orders starts increasing over time, agents literally fail to maintain consistency in their services. They either miss out on customer queries or take a long time to respond, thereby generating poor CX.

    The ideal solution is to engage the professional services of top-rated customer support agencies that have a team of dedicated professionals to serve customers at their best. They even make use of advanced systems to accelerate the customer support process and improve its effectiveness.

  2. Poor access to agent’s performance monitoring tools:

    Ecommerce business face multiple challenges when they are asked to monitor their customer support agents’ performance and build analytic reports. Usually, they have real-time analytics tools to monitor their core activities, but they stumble when it comes to customer support analysis. This is because they have poor access to advanced systems and try to perform the job manually.

    Limited access to real-time agent monitoring tools restricts managers from gaining better insights into agents’ performance and optimizing their efficiencies. As a result, they fail to understand customer pain points and discover the areas that require optimization. Poor team productivity is likely to follow in such cases.

    However, a Contact center for eCommerce companies leverages AI-powered tools to generate real-time reports and analytics. They use such advanced systems to keep an eye on agents’ performance and make necessary optimizations.

  3. Lack of omnichannel strategy:

    Customers expect brands to communicate seamlessly across multiple communication channels. They appreciate such businesses and are more likely to stay engaged with those brands. However, for eCommerce enterprises, delivering quality services across different communication channels is pretty challenging. Due to a lack of omnichannel strategy, they literally end up attaining a low customer base and poor retention.

    Businesses outsourcing omnichannel customer support to a reliable contact center enjoy the flexibility of delivering satisfactory experiences to all their customers. Regardless of the communication channel they choose, BPO agents are ready to serve customers exceptionally. In addition, providing customer services using a convenient channel help boosts customer satisfaction and engagement.

  4. Lack of personalization in services:

    According to a recent report, 90% of customers find personalized services appealing. 72% of customers only get engaged with brands that offer customized services to meet their unique requirements. Therefore, they always look for eCommerce brands that can deliver timely responses and personalized experiences. Unfortunately, they struggle with their internal customer support teams to meet such expectations.

    Modern contact centers are noted for making personalized interactions with customers. This implies agents are effective enough to send product recommendations based on customers’ interests and purchase history, prompt and precise responses, automated solutions, and customized services. Therefore, teaming up with these top-performing BPO agencies can be crucial if you want to avail their multiple business benefits.

Final Thoughts

The competition level in the eCommerce industry has witnessed a huge spike since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. However, online retail stores that understood the change in customer expectations and trends attained a loyal customer base and eventually experienced huge profits. Experts say that these online retailers have made their way towards success simply by outsourcing retail BPO services. Their innovative attempt has helped eCommerce businesses get rid of common challenges and secure a healthy relationship with customers.

So, if you want sustainable growth in an online retail business, getting in touch with a reliable contact center for eCommerce companies will definitely be a smart move.


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