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5 Reasons Your Concrete Floor Requires Polished Allure

Are you someone who still thinks of concrete as a rough and dull building material? Well then, you are indeed in for a surprise. Today concrete has taken a pivotal position in the world of interior design – domestic or commercial. No, concrete is not limited to driveways and backyards anymore. They have been welcomed in sophisticated spaces. Concreters have experimented with different forms and structure that is imbibed in them a versatility that makes them conducive to designing from boardrooms to bedrooms and every room in between.

Perks of polishing your concrete floor

Present-day architecture and interior design uphold modern, clean line structures. Often minimalistic designs take center stage. If you are gearing towards the avant-garde, polished concrete floors would be the way to go. By using the existing concrete slab, concreters can eliminate the need for additional materials. You can also bypass the installation process. Consequently, polished concrete not only is a green flooring solution saving the Earth but also is a finish that saves you money. Intrigued? For concrete polishing in Melbourne, contact GrindWorks, the 40-year old family business of high repute that specializes in various specters of the building industry, like – acid etching, preparing and leveling floors, mechanical polishing, grinding, and sealing. Now, why would you consider polishing your old or new concrete floor?

  •   Adds Beauty & Strength To Your Concrete Floor

Unleash the beauty of your natural floors with polished concrete (rather than covering it up with a layer of timber or tiles). Myriad variants of concrete polishing are available – cream polish, satin, or high-gloss sheen – and many more. You may also dye and create designs of your own. Mix and match all these potentials to design a jaw-droppingly beautiful floor. Yes, all these and much more just with polished concrete!

  • Does not need much maintenance

When the world today has no “me time”, how can one expect a lot of work for floor maintenance?! Relax! Your polished concrete floor just needs a quick brush of the dust mop or a damp cloth to shine and sparkle again. If you use a cleaning agent, choose a Concrete-Neutral one offering a pH balance of 9-10. With a little looking after, polished concrete floors can last you for more than two decades. Even if it needs repair and maintenance, the per square foot cost would be much more affordable compared to other flooring options.

  • Low cost of material and installation

 Imagine installing tiles or timber as flooring! It would definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Now, consider concrete. It costs much less to buy and install concrete. But the savings do not end there. The durability and lifespan of a polished concrete floor, along with the next to nil maintenance need, adds to your savings in the long run.

  • Dust, Stain, and Skid Resistant

Although your polished concrete floors have a distinct sheen, their coefficient of friction value is optimized to resist sliding and skidding. The layer of polish also protects the floor from stains and dust — quick mop and wipe can solve the issues.

  • Aids in your mission and vision of a Green Earth

When you treat and maintain a polished concrete floor, all the products that are used are water-based. Naturally, there is no question of exposure to any high VOC (Volatile organic compounds) products that may cause health hazards. Concrete is resistant to mold and mildew, giving you a space with improved air quality. Polished concrete reflects natural light adding a natural luster to any room, thereby reducing the usage of electric lights. Also, no adhesives or energy-intensive methods are used to process polished concrete. This naturally creates a positive eco-impact and a green footprint.

In earlier times, builders considered concrete as a weak material. Not anymore. With experience and experiments, today, concrete has emerged as a versatile material that is efficient and economical at the same time. With the capacity to bear the ravages of time, concrete is highly sought after in the building industry. Now, with the addition of polished concrete, concrete floors have reached a never-before height of dignity, elegance, and sophistication. And who does not like a slice of class in their interiors?

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