Read about 8 THINGS TO DO IN BOTSWANA in this article. When it comes to attracting tourists, Botswana has a significant advantage over the rest of the world: wildlife. The incredible variety of animals that inhabit or travel through the country astounds. from the area’s diverse avifauna to endangered species such as wild dogs and rhinos

The breathtaking natural scenery ranges from the vast and intimidating Kalahari Desert to the exquisite tranquillity of the Okavango Delta. The environment in this area is always stunning, whether it feels wide and deserted in some areas or packed and alive in others. The terrain is immediately identifiable as African, and it will exceed all of your expectations.

All of these natural treasures, however, come at a high price, making Botswana one of the most expensive travel destinations in Africa right now. Some of the deluxe hotels here are only accessible to the very wealthy or for special occasions such as honeymoons. Self-drive trips, on the other hand, are a less expensive and often more rewarding way to explore Botswana’s breathtaking landscape.

Here are the top eight things to do in Botswana:


This well-known delta is dry for the majority of the year. Every year, however, it completely floods, bringing in a wide variety of creatures. The water spread over a thousand kilometres and began the delta’s life cycle. A section of the delta also contains the Moremi Game Reserve, where visitors can go on safari. Sightings of lions, leopards, rhinos, and giraffes are common. Paddling through elephants, crocodiles, and hippos in a dugout canoe is a popular pastime here.


This area contains ancient floodplains as well as a variety of woodland habitats. The Selinda Spillway, which leads to the Okavango, and the Savute Channel, which was once dry but is now teeming with water, are its two most notable features. The Linyanti is also known for its floodplains, riparian forest, and mopane woodland. This is also a popular area for elephants to roam. Visitors may also see the wild dog, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, and roan. This is the best place to go on a safari. Remember that the world is changing if you want to go somewhere right now. So travel the world, book a Botswana trip or to any other country like  South Africa . Live your best life today..


The scenery in this area is reminiscent of an African safari. Rows of baobab trees and tall sand dunes can be found here. Some consider this to be one of the best safari destinations in Botswana. Visitors can see the enormous salt pans and, during floods, larger game animals and birds. Once the grasslands take hold, zebra and wildebeest proliferate. Because it is close to the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park, it is a convenient stop for most tours throughout Botswana.


A road trip is the best way to see all of Botswana’s highlights. Driving across the country is also an adventure in and of itself. For a fantastic itinerary, begin your journey just beneath the Okavango Delta and travel east on the Trans Kalahari Highway. On your journey, you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery and the vast African environment. Along the way, stop in Motopi village to see how people live there. After that, head to the Boteti River and stop for a coffee break to take in the scenery. The Trans Kalahari Highway will pass through Nxai Pan and Makgadikgadi National Parks.

You may want to sleep the night before. The next day, however, travel along the fabled Elephant Highway and start looking for these amazing animals in the distance. Continue on to Kasane, a safari town where you can rest and see more wildlife.


When it comes to wildlife, the best months to visit this park are January through April. The park is massive, covering 38,000 square kilometres. It is made up of two national parks: South Africa’s Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and Botswana’s Gemsbok National Park. Antelope and wildebeest frequently migrate through this area, bringing a large number of their predators with them. Because getting to the area can be difficult, you’ll need a 44 vehicle. Another option is to camp without assistance. You might want to hire a local guide to tour this area.

6. Gabane Village

Despite its lack of productivity, this nearby community has a lot of charm and tradition. Actually, it is home to a few glass, pottery, and metalworking workshops. Visitors can explore the Gabane Pottery Factory, which is a great place to find locally produced trinkets while in Botswana. While there are many reasons to visit Gabane, hiking is the most popular activity. There are numerous trekking trails for people of all skill levels. It’s an excellent way to see the surrounding landscape without going on a safari.


This location is typically just a brief detour on the way to other Botswana tourist destinations. But going is undeniably worthwhile. When it starts to rain, you can see a special type of bullfrog that lives in this area. Most of the time, they are hidden in the sand, but if people look closely enough, they can be seen. Gweta is the name given to this location because that is the sound made by bullfrogs.


This sanctuary was established in 1992 to help preserve the local rhino population. This not only benefited the animals, but it also allowed the surrounding community to benefit from the tourism industry. This sanctuary is located in the Serwe Pan, a significant watering hole in the Kalahari Desert. Visitors can go on game drives and walks in addition to self-drive safaris. Visitors can also go on nature hikes or visit the education centre to learn more about the environment. If you plan to spend a lot of time in Botswana, you should think about volunteering at the sanctuary.

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