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9 Best Home Automation Companies In India

Home automation is getting increasingly popular in India as people become more conscious of and sensitive to energy consumption. As a result, many home automation businesses have developed devices to meet the needs of Indian households. The Indian market is currently flooded with numerous amazing devices which can be retrofitted without much trouble, ranging from smart lighting to thermostat sensors. Here are some of the brands to think about if you want to make your home ‘smarter.’

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is well-known for its environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products all over the world. It is a multinational brand that has gained recognition in India due to the high quality of its products. They offer a wide range of home automation solutions, as well as home security systems. It stays up with technology and produces high-quality goods all around the world.

The product package includes customized packages based on their needs, which can be installed in their homes. Other notable Schneider products include controlling devices such as dimmers and lighting controls, as well as other appliances that can be readily managed via mobile phones. 


Philips, a household name in India, joined the home automation industry a few years ago and quickly garnered appeal due to its reach and brand value. They have announced a selection of items in the lighting and home appliances categories that are most commonly used in Indian households, ranging from app-controlled gadgets to complete home lighting solutions including smart LED bulbs.


Pressmach is a full-service engineering and construction corporation that specialises in commercial, institutional, and residential modular structures. It is the first company in the country to introduce the concept of prefabricated structures and fast track buildings with interiors and preset solutions.

Presssmach’s cutting-edge home automation solutions have earned it a household name in India. The home automation systems and solutions offered by the company are very simple. The company is developing low-cost home automation systems for Indian families. Its present product line is extremely cost-effective.


One of the most well-known and well-respected companies, known for the high quality of their promising items. The company offers a diverse selection of products. It has always kept its products and features up to date. Legrand is one of India’s oldest corporations, and it is presently attempting to build significant electric infrastructure.

It creates smart solutions for home users and manufactures them with cutting-edge technology. It is a French-based worldwide specialist company with substantial projects across India. Video-door phones, smart plugs and sockets, motion sensors, UPS, and other Legrand devices are among the most promising.


This is another well-known name in the home automation industry. For its Wireless Horizon Keypads, the company won the ‘Human Interface Product of the Year’ award in 2020. In reality, Mark Zuckerberg’s smart home is based on Crestron’s smart home technologies. Other billionaires’ residences, including Richard Branson’s and former US President Donald Trump’s, have been automated by the company.


Crabtree home automation systems make it easy to raise curtains at home or remember to turn on the TV for a favourite game or show. Havells India Ltd, India’s largest electrical appliances company, owns the Crabtree brand. Crabtree has a solid market reputation and is one of India’s top ten home automation companies. Crabtree offers IntelliCentre, a unique solution that allows you to operate your house from anywhere on the earth.


Varun Gupta, Shishir Gupta, and Nithin David, three IITians, founded the company in 2014. Oakter is a Noida-based smart home business that attempts to overcome the technical challenges that Indian households confront. The company creates devices that make existing household appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, geysers, door locks, lamps, and room heaters smarter. The Oakter mobile app help in regulating home appliances and scheduling them according to one’s needs.


SharpNode is a Mumbai-based home automation firm founded in 2014 by Mohit Agnihotri. It has a solution that monitors houses and gives users control and security over electric appliances via the SharpNode application on their cell phones or laptops. Because it incorporates motion sensors, it allows one to protect their valuable home without having to hire security guards.


Buildtrack, a Navi Mumbai-based company, is one of India’s top three home automation companies. Buildtrack’s home automation products and services have also received numerous honours. The company’s home automation solutions are beneficial for your home’s safety, security, comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Buildtrack claims to be the first to offer wireless, wired, or hybrid connectivity solutions for new construction and existing spaces that have the best range, dependability, economy, and cause the least amount of disturbance to consumers during deployment. Its products compete with the world’s most prestigious brands.

Final Thoughts

You may easily adapt to the latest technology in India because there are so many top home automation firms. Home automation may appear to be costly. However, this is not the case. Indeed, home automation systems can help you save money. Home automation systems can help you save money on energy while also protecting your home.

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