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9 Tips on Promoting Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a popular search engine because it ranks second in the world. A YouTube channel  can increase sales and improve your brand image. YouTube allows marketers to create original content that viewers can share and enjoy.

Social media marketers often overlook YouTube Marketing. Many people believe YouTube is a social networking site. Others see YouTube more as an online video-sharing platform.

Whatever way you look at it, there are many opportunities to market on YouTube. YouTube is used by 2 billion people monthly. It is also ranked the most popular online platform in America by adults. Discover below some practical and effective tips on promoting your YouTube channel. 

Good YouTube Channel Layout and Content

YouTube already has a great channel layout. You need a greater than others’ layout for your  YouTube channel.

You can enhance your channel’s design and content with the help of Insights Media Solution, a well-known provider of Social Media Marketing Services.

YouTube advertising starts with a great layout. Visitors must be able to see what your channel is offering and what type of content it offers.

Share your content through your channel by creating unique, informative content. Your channel visitors should be able to tell what you are about and what videos you have.

Know Your Audience

Take some time to learn the basics of YouTube demographics if you are starting your YouTube journey.

You will be able to access the analytics tab if you have a channel for your business. This tab can be used to learn more about your YouTube audience if you already have a channel.

The analytics tab allows you to monitor watch time and other demographic statistics. You can also see if your assumptions match. How much overlap do you have with different audiences on social media?

You can look up comments made by viewers to learn more about their interests and tastes.

Also, check out the Community tab. This is the place to ask questions and take part in online polls if you have any specific information.

It is possible to compare your YouTube audience with your other social media followers. Find out what content is most prevalent in your audience and use that information to create ideas for the video.

Make sure your content is relevant to both the existing audience and the new ones you are targeting.

Know Your Competition

Start by identifying three to five competitors. You can use Google Ads’ keyword planner to find out which companies rank for terms related to your brand. You can also see which YouTube channels appear in search results for specific keywords.

To make your channel benchmarks, keep track of key metrics such as viewership and subscriber counts. To find out which keywords they are using, look at the titles and descriptions.

You can read the comments on videos to see what other people are saying. There is a good chance that their viewers are similar to yours.

Make Custom Thumbnails

Create custom thumbnails to promote your YouTube channel’s popularity.

For help with marketing your Youtube channel or creating thumbnails that are unique to your videos, visit Insights Media Solution. The company also assists businesses of all sizes and types as a Paid Media Agency

Consider your title and thumbnail together to create a compelling combination that catches readers’ attention.

YouTube will generally take a screenshot of any video in order to create a thumbnail. Sometimes the thumbnail image may be blurry. This can be detrimental to your channel’s reputation.

Making thumbnails yourself will make your video look more appealing at a glance and will give you a professional impression.

Also, thumbnails need not be difficult. To ensure consistency and uniformity, you can design templates with a particular font and style.

Encourage Viewers To Follow You 

A video series that is focused on the same topic or theme can be a great way to market your YouTube channel.

This is great for creators and viewers. Creators don’t have to come up with new ideas. A viewer can also look forward to your channel and find a reason to return.

Calls For Action Will Get You More Involved

Sometimes asking for engagement is not the best way to make sure your videos are seen.

Most people will not remember to sign up for your newsletter or like your page, even though they may have watched the content.

These messages are becoming increasingly popular in the description and within the video.

It’s okay to ask for help if you are an emerging YouTube channel. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going by asking viewers to answer questions in the comments or to view a different video.

Live Streaming Is Possible

Live video is one of the hottest social media trends, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

Live video streaming is now easier than ever, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Live streaming is becoming more popular for companies that offer services online.

YouTube has offered live streaming for years, but it has gained popularity in recent times. To get an idea of what other brands are using YouTube, it is worth looking at the top YouTube live videos.

Collaborate With Brands and Other Creators

Collaborations on other channels are a common way YouTube stars have increased their popularity. Collaborations open your channel up to a new audience.

It’s a great thing that people who are unfamiliar with your YouTube channel will sign up for it because they know a creator they like.

Finding the right partner is key to success in a YouTube collaboration. To make your video authentic, it is essential to collaborate with content creators with the same passions and interests as the brand.

Social Media: Publish your content

Videos are the most popular content for increasing engagement on social media.

To encourage users to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you should promote it to your social media followers.

You should notify your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once a new video has been uploaded. You can also share previews and snippets of the video on every social network that has a connection to it.


Starting a YouTube Channel is easy; however, attracting subscribers through posting compelling content is challenging. Collaborating with a social media marketing agency is better if your channel intends to showcase your product and services. 

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