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For the Child with a Big Heart(small business ideas)


Services for Animals(small business ideas)

This is a vast and lucrative industry that is always in need of a helping hand and some tender loving care. Children might offer to walk, groom, and bathe pets, clean tiny cages and aquariums, feed and water pets while their owners are away, and tidy litter boxes and yards.(small business ideas)

Childcare(small business ideas)

This is a traditional service, yet it is one of the most popular among families. To appeal to more families, consider becoming CPR certified and taking babysitting training. After-school care, dating evenings, and even gatherings can all benefit from child care services.

Services for the Elderly(small business ideas)

In many communities, having an extra person to run errands or provide basic care for the elderly is an essential requirement. Running errands, picking up prescriptions, driving the elderly to doctor visits, cleaning and preparing meals, and being a valued friend are all things that children may accomplish.

Volunteer in the Community(small business ideas)

Nonprofit organisations in the area are always in need of volunteers to assist with everyday activities and major initiatives. While volunteer work is always available, most organisations also offer paid positions. Children can assist in the serving of food at shelters, the organisation of shelves at food pantries, the cleaning of kennels at animal shelters, and the leadership of summer camp programmes.

Crafts with a Purpose(small business ideas)

Handcrafted items such as stuffed animals, blankets, and small toys can be made by children who can sew, knit, crochet, or felt. They can sell them and donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of their choice, or they can have consumers sponsor these goods for local children in hospitals or shelters.

For The Chef’s Kid

Shopper / Meal Planner

Dinnertime might be difficult at times due to poor planning. Offer to plan meals and shop for goods at the grocery store for people who are of driving age.

Cooking in the Community

For those kids who enjoy cooking and assisting others, they can offer to prepare simple meals for elderly neighbours, busy parents, after-school children, or celebrations. This can be a really useful service as well as a means to connect with others in the neighbourhood.

Delivering Meals by Train

Meal trains are when a group of people organises meal delivery around an important life event (birth of a child, hospitalization, death in the family, sickness). While there are websites that can help you organise a food train, the logistics of getting the meals to the recipients typically deters individuals from participating. Children who are able to drive can volunteer to pick up and drop off these meal trains.

Contributor to the Cookbook

A decent cookbook is something that everyone enjoys. Your youngster can design their own cookbook by brainstorming their favourite tried-and-true recipes. Online sites make it simple to design and print books. These cookbooks can be sold at school or community events, as well as on the internet. They can even start a food blog or a YouTube channel, or they can get compensated to submit their recipes to publications or books.

Food Inspector

Some firms, believe it or not, will pay your children to taste test their products. Consider these online possibilities if your child has adventurous taste buds and is eager to put them to the test for money.

Suitable for every child


Errands to run

Running errands is a task that is frequently left to the bottom of the to-do list for busy parents and professionals alike. Offer to pick up the slack for individuals of driving age.

Resellers on the Internet

Children can learn about trade and business by selling gently used clothing, toys, and other household items. This task is now easier than ever before thanks to online resources. Apps allow kids to advertise any item, contact with purchasers, and manage the entire process. To save time, parents can delegate this work to their children.

Organizer for the Home

Home organisation may be the ideal employment for kids who are detail-oriented. Decluttering and organising services are available for offices, kitchens, closets, drawers and cabinets, and garages. Customers who are satisfied are usually happy to refer more business to students who perform an excellent job.

Shipping and Packaging

Many small businesses devote a significant amount of time on packaging and shipping their goods to customers. By offering to take over that work, children can greatly assist. They can keep track of things, label and address them, package them beautifully, and get them ready for shipping. Kids who are able to drive could potentially drop them off at the post office.

Server and Party Planner

This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to be inventive and creative. Children can assist with party planning by conducting research for decorations and themes, setting up, and even serving meals and cleaning up.

Garbage Collection

Although it may not sound like fun, resourceful children might offer to pick up rubbish after parties, activities, or even in their own yards. Cleaning neighbourhood garbage cans is a filthy task, but one that many homeowners are willing to pay for.

Fruit Market

People have fruit trees all around the country that produce more fruit than they can eat. Kids can volunteer to gather this fruit for free and then sell it at a local market.

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