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All about 2D art designing for game development

2D art designing for game development is all about pouring creativity into visualizing game elements. 2D art is still alive and works seamlessly in the gaming industry.

I have seen many bloggers talking about 3D designing, and they are often overwhelmed with the topic of 2d art designing too. However, 2D art and 2D games have a huge audience in the gaming industry, and people enjoy it just like in the 1990s, as 2D games have their own form of entertainment, are easy to make, and have simple controls.

So, in this topic, I’m going to cover all about 2d art designing for game development, where I will discuss different 2D art designing services for games and the processes of designing 2D art. Moreover, help you how to hire an outsourcing company for 2d art services for game development.

Let’s start with the different types of 2d art services for game development.

Different types of 2D art for game development  

Well, before diving into the pool of 2D art types for game development. Let us have a look at the basic types of 2d art or 2d art formats.

  • 2D Pixel
  • Vector art
  • Geometric art
  • Flat art

All above mentioned 2D art formats are being used for different 2d games like Pixel art games, are Star-dew Valley, Hyper Light Drifter, and many more. Just like this, all 2d art formats are popular in different genres of games.

Now, let’s start with different types of 2D art for game development in detail. We will start with character designing, as character art is the most common asset that everybody knows.

Concept Art Designing    

Concept art is primarily used in video games to convey a vision and set the tone for an entire game, and it can be designed for both 2d and 3d games. This art is a visual representation that translates a story or conveys a certain look for the whole gameplay. It offers a strong reference point that helps align the creatives working on the project.

UI/UX Designing

UI game design is the entire visual interface through which the user interacts with the game. It covers each and everything like buttons, menus, navigation, and more.

2D Character Designing  

2D character designing is a service based on designing characters for gameplay. And the characters play a role in the storytelling of the game and do the action to win the game through some form of 2D animation. There are numerous 2D game characters that are being appreciated worldwide.

2D Environment Designing   

The environment of the game plays a vital role in the storytelling and translation of the game idea of any game. 2d environment designers design different kinds of environments that can suit characters and make the gameplay exciting.

Particle Effects Designing  

Particle effects designing is drawing tiny elements that are use in animation, like you must have seen in Fruit Samurai or other action games. When you hit the object, it explodes or slashes; the part that appears in the video game are particle.

Here, I have discussed about major designing elements for game development. In the next section, I am going to tell you how the designing process for game artwork, which will help you to know the step-by-step game art development process.

A step-by-step game art development process  

Mostly this is the toughest step for newcomers who start designing assets for any game, and they must read a huge number of case studies before doing so. Well, I have concluded all the detailed guidelines under short subheadings.

Firstly, you will have to choose the art style design. Then, you will have to design concept art that will further help you in game development. Character design, Environment design and icon, and item design.

How to outsource a 2d art designing services?  

I know some of the best 2d art designing services studios. That provide awesome game art designing services for every genre. Gamix-Labs is one of those studios that offer 2d artwork designing services for any type of game.

Gamix Labs is a full-cycle game development company that provides art, animation and development services for almost every type of game.

Gamix Labs has a team of creative artists who are keen to design qualitative graphics for every type of game. The team has designed almost every type of game, hyper-casual, casino game, action game, board game, arcade game, slot game design, slot game character, slot symbol and more.

Bottom Line:-  

I hope you have learned about 2d art design from this reading. Moreover, we have also shared major aspects of 2d art like Pixel, Vector art, Geometric art, and Flat art. Also defined types of game art in brief. In the last, I shared an outsourcing agency detail, who are well-versed in 2d game art development and designed various artwork for some of the best games.

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