All you need to know about Sleeping Quilt

How would you like to spend a great night overlooking the mountain edge, snug in a sleeping quilt and wake up to the most wonderful dawn, catching the first rays of sunrise? Yes, that would be a wonderful experience only if your sleeping quilt is comfortable. Usually, it is the common sleeping bag that is an accessory on every adventurous  trip. However as trekkers and camping enthusiasts continue to look for alternatives to lighten the way to carry around; quilt sleeping bags have emerged as a promising alternative. 

Many are making the switch to a quilt style bag or the Quilt Sleeping Bag as it is more convenient to compress all of their belongings and pack and unpack easily. Lightweight quilt sleeping bags are airy because of the very nature of material used in quilting.  Adventurous have also found that quilts can overcome the draft and ensure a good night sleep in warm and even summary nights. Therefore the sleeping bag is on its way out while the quilt style bag is getting to be better designed for a greater sleeping system out in the open.

Some things you need to know about  your  quilt

Sleeping Quilt are currently being made by several manufacturers who also make sports and adventure equipment. Their focus has been designing quilts that are ultralight. They have also focused on the design factor so as to shed features that are typically unnecessary as in the context of a sleeping bag. These ultra light-quilt designs ensure the warmth, versatility and comfort of the sleeping bag is translated to the quilt style bag. An interesting feature in the newly designed quotes is the absence of the insulation at the bottom. Typically one would lie down on the insulation section to compress it. In the absence of such an insulation section to keep one warm, manufacturers are offering several alternatives. The simplest alternative is to tie or use straps that hold the edges together. Elaborate systems such as the quilt wrapping around the bottom of the sleeping pad and creating space inside the bag as an insulation section or potential abrasions when the bag comes in contact with the ground. To open or to lift up or roll down the top whenever one wants to return is also simplified in these quilt-styled bags.   Attachments that designers have used, addresses any issues arising from the wrapping of the quilt around the sleeping pad. This is done by securing it in place with a strap so that there is no change in position of the bag whenever there is movement by the person lying in.

Know more about your quit sleeping bag

Quilt Sleeping Bag has significant advantages over other sleeping systems. The design of these quilt sleeping bags allows you to adjust the inner volume of the bag and hence you can keep it warmer or loosen it to be cooler. Additionally in warm weather there you can create room and ventilation options in comparison to the glorified mummy bag. In cool weather too, the quilts can   be secured around you for optimized warmth. The greatest feature of the quilt is that differential cut. This defines the entire experience of using the quiet as a sleeping option. Because of the different shell-cut along with the other innovative design features a comfortable difference in sleeping out in the open on a drafting night is assured. To further enhance the sleeping system many designers have opted for a secondary pad attachment. Hence it helps in converting the quilt style bag into one of the best backpacking sleeping bags available in the market.

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