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Application Process To Become A CPEng In Australia

CPEng stands for the Chartered Professional Engineer. This status is given to those qualified engineers who have excelled and proved their competence in the field of engineering.

Engineers across the world dream of attaining a CPEng status or Chartership by Engineers Australia. Achieving this professional credential has many benefits. Due to this, Engineers Australia receives applications from all over the world. Most of the applications for this status face rejections.

If you are an engineer dreaming of Australian immigration and working there as a Chartered engineer, then read this blog. Here, we will tell you the application process for Chartership, its benefits. Apart from that, we will also tell you how a professional Chartership application expert can help you. So, let’s start with the benefits first.

The benefits of attaining Chartered credential:

The following are the benefits of becoming a CPEng:

Worldwide recognition:

Having the Chartered status is proof of your excellence in the field of engineering. Attaining this status means you have proven your competency satisfactorily. You have proven your work experience, engineering skills and competency properly. Having Engineers Australia CPEng status will allow you to have global recognition. You can establish your career in any part of the world.

No obstacle to promotion:

Being a CPEng means you have something extraordinary that others don’t. Having this professional qualification will help you achieve promotions in your field easily. Not only you will work at a higher position, but you will also have an obstacle-free pathway leading to growth.

More respect and value in your workplace:

Your colleagues and seniors will see you with a respectful attitude. For example, others will come to for advice and guidance. Apart from that, in meetings, everybody will pay more attention to your views and advice. In short, you will feel that you have attained something marvellous.

More exposure:

Whenever your company or business will do something new, it will have to meet other experts. In such situations, the company will put you forward, as you are an example of expertise in engineering to it. This way, you will have more exposure to new situations, people and the like, which will help you grow as an engineer.

Having more options than an ordinary engineer:

Being an ordinary engineer limits someone’s growth. Engineers can’t take risks and change their jobs due to insecurity in most cases. On the other hand, attaining a Chartership will allow you to live your life as per your wish. You can go anywhere in the world and join any engineering group; you don’t need to worry about it. It is because you are a symbol of excellence, and everybody will give you a warm welcome.

CPEng application process:

  1. Fill up the Chartered Self-Assessment, giving a competency rating against the Stage 2 Competencies.
  2. Go through the Industry Review to the standard of Functional or above. Here, you need to provide a short statement of the proof items to prove your Chartered competence for all Stage 2 competencies. A suitable Industry Reviewer will confirm these statements. Don’t submit actual proof documents at this time in the process.
  3. Enroll and offer your payment, resume and CPD Log. You have to confirm the areas of practice you are looking for Chartered. Apart from that, you also need to link your completed Industry Review to your application this time.
  4. EA will reach you and ask you for an Evidence Discussion (generally within 3 weeks of enrollment). This discussion is an opportunity for you to seek clarification and ask questions before the submission of your assessment documents. EA will have reviewed your Industry Review results. Moreover, it may ask for alternate proof submission besides the ones suggested. Apart from that, it will also discuss the Areas of Practice you picked. After completion of the discussion, you need to upload your evidence documents. Sometimes, EA may think that an Evidence Discussion is not important. Instead of this, it can simply give comments to this effect and ask for your upload that is based on your Industry Review.
  5. After the review and assessment of the evidence documents, you will have a professional interview. It will take nearly an hour. This interview will involve a wide discussion of the proof you submitted through your application. There may be a need for a presentation. It will be confirmed after the arrangement. The interview will take place via Skype or similar video-conference arrangements. It will be at least one assessor (it may also have external Industry panelists).
  6. After the interview, you will get an email notification. This notification will confirm your Chartered award and Areas of Practice. You will also have an official certificate along with the mail or soon after.

Keep in mind that you can start Steps 1 and 2 when you are at the grade of Student/Graduate or a non-Member.

Why you should take professional help to become a CPEng or attain the Chartered status:

You can prepare reports, conduct research, complete the application and prepare for the interview. However, this will not be any guarantee that you will have a positive assessment by Engineers Australia. The reason is the assessment criteria and expectations from a candidate are very high. EA doesn’t tolerate even a minor mistake. It checks each detail with an eagle eye to make sure that the candidate can work in the Australian engineering atmosphere. So, the competition is much tougher than you imagine. Therefore, your chances of a successful assessment are virtually zero.

On the other hand, hiring professional CPEng application services is wise. The professional expert has a clear idea of the assessment criteria and the guidelines of EA. Due to this, they prepare the application systematically. They don’t deviate from expected norms and criteria. Their expertise and experience allow them to prepare Chartered applications under all chartered pathways without any flaws.

Besides that, they will also guide you throughout the process. You will get assistance from them in preparing high-quality and convincing chartered evidence documents. They will help you in the preparation of:

  • Resume
  • CPD Log
  • Chartered Evidence Narratives (where necessary)
  • Industry Review Evidence Statements



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