Asma-ul-Husna and their powers

Asma-ul Husna is a list of Allah’s names or qualities. This Asmaul Husna is also one of the most important parts of the pillars of faith and Islam. You can’t compare these names or traits to human names or traits.

Allah SWT is very different from what he made (Qiyamuhu Binafsihi). Allah SWT is All-Wise, but people have many weaknesses and limitations. There is nothing eternal about people, but Allah SWT has so much eternity. Know the power of Allah’s 99 names and the secret behind them with the Quran teacher.

Asma-ul-Husna in Islam

This verse shows that Allah SWT is one of the only ones. In this case, it means that no one but Allah SWT can protect or rule over his power, which is everywhere in the universe. As natural law, a one-and-only Allah SWT can’t have children or be born. However, humans can breed and have children.

Allah is one, and you can’t compare anything to him. If Allah is many, then he is not the all-powerful God. Instead, only people worship him because they think he is unique or special.

One of the above hadiths said that Allah has different names and qualities. The above verse says that Ar-Rahman is what Allah is like. Many other things in Al-Qur’an are written about in different surahs. Also, Allah SWT told us in the above verse to always remember and read it, even when we pray.

Asmaul Husna and the Power of Asmaul Husna’s Secret

Asmaul Husna or the names of God are mentioned in the Al-Qur’an, but there is more information about them in the vast universe. So, the Asma-ul-Husna of Allah SWT is so big that only people who use their senses well can understand it. Here are some other verses that talk about Allah’s asma:

Being amazed by Allah SWT’s nature and greatness

People who always think about and read Asma-ul-Husna carefully will be amazed by Allah’s nature and greatness. The qualities of Allah should not only be read and remembered, but they should also be a thought that can find in the real world. This universe is a sign of Allah’s power, and people still haven’t been able to figure out where it ends.

Those who use their senses will be able to see the miracle of Asma Allah in the realm of clarity. Like, what Allah, the Creator, is like. We can see it in how the human body works, which God made as Allah SWT made a body system that is automatic, well-organized, and even complicated. If one of them is broken, it will affect the other ones. While no person can beat what Allah has made, Allah has made things for people.

Talk about submitting and obeying.

By understanding and reading the Asmaul Husna, we can see miracles that will make us stay true to Allah and do what He says. Obedience and staying true to Allah are one of the things that make people want to do all their jobs and responsibilities on earth. According to Islam, this is the purpose of life and the nature of being human.

As well as the idea of humanity in Islam, a human creation in Islam is the process of making people who do the best job of running the world.

If people don’t understand and read Asmaul Husna, they won’t be able to feel the miracles that have happened as much as those who read it every day. With the deep feelings and mature understanding of Asmaul Husna, a helpless person would have nowhere to go but to submit and obey Allah SWT.

Able to live and bring about change in life

People who love to read Asmaul Husna will be able to live and make changes in their lives. Those who also try to get close to Allah will get (guidance) from Allah SWT.

It can be seen that many people have turned to Islam and then believe in Allah after understanding Asmaul Husna by living what came from Al-Qur’an or the universe. Miracles and help can happen to them and make big changes in their lives.

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