Bangladesh’s Top 10 HR and Payroll Software Providers

Bangladesh's Top 10 HR and Payroll Software Providers

Bangladesh’s Top 10 HR and Payroll Software Providers

Human Resource Management payroll Software is essential if you own a business or have held a job. Businesses and organizations do HR in many ways. Human resources have long used paper. Let’s think critically about using paper for HR work. Even in private companies, let alone large ones, paper isn’t recommended in 2022.

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Paper is fragile, easily lost, inconvenient, and not an inclusive solution. Human Resource Software has become popular among businesses and organizations as a result. Human Resources are crucial to the success of any organization. The most popular system in modern businesses is HR software, however not all of it is ideal. Good HR software must meet a few criteria. We’ve reviewed ten HR payroll Software

and Payroll Companies in Bangladesh to help you choose one that’s worth your money and will fulfill all your HR needs. They’re all HR software leaders. Each is unique. We’ll help you choose an HR software by highlighting its pros and cons. Let’s explore HR Software features without further ado. Bangladesh’s Best HR and Payroll Software providers

#PiHR (Vivasoft Limited)

The PiHR comes first. Obviously, right? PiHR is Bangladesh’s best HR and payroll software company. it is a well-known Human Resource Software in Bangladesh. VivaSoft Limited created PiHR. The idea for such great software came from the need for Human Resource Software that helps you succeed. PiHR has many advantages. Their unique and useful features enhance the user experience. PiHR includes Employee Tracking, Expense Management, Digital Notice Board, and Stone Wall Security. Your HR data are sensitive, and a breach can hurt your entire company. Pricing is another pro. We shouldn’t always choose the cheapest. PiHR’s starter package “Tiny” has all the basic and fundamental features for only $2 per month for up to 25 employees. Really? Free Employee Database, Support, Updates? Human Resource Software is a steal. They have different employee packages. PiHR welcomes custom orders if needed.

#SmartPay (Zaman IT)

(Zaman IT) Zaman IT is probably familiar. They’re software veterans. Their HR & Payroll Software is good for businesses. SmartPay is a reputable HR software they’ve introduced. SmartPay from Zaman IT has unlimited users, remote access, unlimited PC access, individual access, and a user panel. With SmartPay, you can access company information in one place, customized setup for an individual business, employee information with all necessary information, allowance, deduction, loan, salary, and pretty much everything an HR software offers. SmartPay uses PHP and MySQL under CI. SmartPay can generate filtered and sorted reports. HR Reports can be generated to meet specific needs. Salary Report lets you track employee salary transactions. Zaman IT’s SmartPay has tricky pricing. It’s not for small businesses. Their smallest package starts at 1,000,000tk for 100 employees. SmartPay from Zaman It is great for large companies, but not for small or medium-sized businesses.

# LinesPay (Divine IT Limited)

LinesPay is a promising HRIS. Divine IT Limited, a leader in accounting software, developed it. LinesPay has some great features and usability. Their comprehensive system keeps all HRM data in one place. Their recruitment system is another plus. Recruitment Cycle Management Feature processes initialized recruitment and creates a new employee appointment letter. All other basic HR software features like loan, attendance, leave, and holiday are available. It’s a good HR Software for your company. Sorry if you’re a small or medium-sized business. LinesPay is expensive, starting at 2,00,000tk for 100 employees. Yes, it’s an expensive solution, but if you need it, you’ll get what you pay for.

#Spark (Aplectrum Solutions Ltd)

Aplectrum Solutions LTD has managed Spark’s HR for 5 years. One of the best HR solutions didn’t make the top 3. It’s intentional. Spark is HR software and more. With the best UI/UX. Spark tailors HR software to clients’ needs. Why wasn’t it top 3? Its HR and Payroll software is only for RMG. It’s not a ready-made HR solution for small, medium, or large businesses. Spark provides the fastest Apparel HR solution, including salary, bonus, attendance, leave, and dynamic shift management. Spark develops a custom-tailored solution for typical clients, so you must contact them with your RMG industry needs for pricing. Unless you’re in RMG, don’t contact them.

# Roopokar

Roopokar is a 2009 web and software developer. Their ERP, accounting, and HR software are all good. Roopokar’s HR software manages and backs up high-volume data. Sounds like a generic HR software feature, but it’s their industry strength. Their security and after-sales service are also good for HR management. Their prices aren’t disclosed because they vary by solution. Any process, design, or reporting changes can be made on-demand if you use their service.


Jibika Intelligic Limited is a Bangladeshi HR and Payroll software company. Their HR software is top-notch. Good HR software. Jibika Plexus includes employee information, a leave register, a loan manager, a personal file manager, and a disciplinary action manager. Their payroll system is also advanced. This company doesn’t reveal prices. They quote and price clients individually. If you choose their service, you must contact them about your business or organization to get their pricing range.


Bangladesh’s GenIT is a popular HRM software. Their HR software is easy-to-use, flexible, and feature-rich, and it simplifies HR management. GenIT offers project and asset management. GenIT has other HRM basics. They offer employee awards, too. You can contact them for pricing and other business benefits.

#SmartHRM Top-rated HR & Payroll software.

Bangladesh’s Smart Software LTD developed SmartHRM. SmartHRM’s reputation is matched by its value. Popular HR software features include SmarHRM’s cloud-based program and real-time biometric automatic attendance system. SmartHRM offers Performance Assessment and Benefits Management to help with HR. SmartHRM’s pricing is simple. Their basic package for 10-50 employees costs 2500tk/month. It’s a cheap option. You can also add expensive modules like a mobile app, general store, and others.


MechanixLab offers basic HR software in Bangladesh. They’re not popular, but they’re good HR and payroll management software. Their HR and Payroll Software covers the basics. Unfancy but negligible. MechanixLab can help you explore and support smaller companies. You must contact them with your request to find out how much their service will cost.

# Dusra

Dusra Soft’s HR software is decent. They’re honest about their weaknesses but excel at payroll management. Dusra provides customized salary features, payment slips, basic HR management, and other HR work. Their 1000$ pricing is confusing, but you can contact them to see if they can help with HR management. Conclusion Small or large, HR work helps a company achieve its goals. We need HR software to speed up and simplify the HR process. Your company needs the best HR and Payroll Software. Hope the list above helps you choose your next human resource management partner. With the right HR software, you can improve HR team efficiency, employee experience, save money, improve regulatory compliance, and make better decisions.

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