Benefits of Opal Ratna in Vedic Astrology

Opal gemstone is a semi-precious gemstone and is also named the ‘Queen of Gems’. The gem can be transparent, translucent, or opaque depending on the one recommended to you. It is mainly located in Australia but now this amazing gemstone is easily available in other regions of the earth too. 

This magical gemstone holds tiny silica spheres with almost 3 to 21% of water mineral. These stones are usually amorphous in character. They do not hold any type of crystalline structure. They are usually found in milky and translucent but the finest quality opal gemstones are always found in their transparent form. These gemstones are delicate and come to the level of soft stones.

Depending upon the properties, Opal gemstones are categorized into two groups such as common opal stones and precious opal gemstones. There are numerous varieties of opal gemstones found in nature. These include black opals, white opals, crystal opals, jelly opals, hyalite, water opals, fire opals, hydrophane, honey opals, and many more that can be viewed in nature.

We all know that all the gemstones on the planet earth are ruled by a particular planet in this universe. Just like that, opal gemstone is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus or planet Shukra is symbolized as the aspirations of human beings. Venus and opal gemstones together perform a vital role in the world of astrology.

As the planet Venus is thought to be the planet of associations and luxury so, by incorporating opal gemstones, people can strengthen their relationships and can attain great pitches in their way. They can relish a comfortable life full of happiness and can meet their all heart wishes by using this stunning opal gemstone.

opal stone

Apart from becoming popular jewelry in the world of fashion, it holds powerful astrological features. In astrology, it is linked with the planet Venus and when it comes to wearing this gemstone then it is best suited on zodiac Libra. By wearing this gemstone you can strengthen your weaker placed planet Venus in the birth chart. This amazing gemstone is used as an astrological substitute for diamonds and is associated to bestow satisfaction and energy in life. People who are born in the month of October are blessed with happiness and prosperity as Opal is considered the birthstone of October month. If you use this astonishing gemstone then it lights in your love and affection and also promises a luxurious life. 

Everything in nature is governed by energy and vibration that connects with the soul within us. It implies that celestial bodies like planets, stars, etc. impact our lives. According to Indian Vedic astrology, each person holds a unique Kundli/Birth Chart which is ruled by the movement and position of these planets in each phase of life. The transit makes them sometimes positive and destructive which influence the various events in a person’s life. 

You may know the cause of a few but not all. It is all because of the astrological impact. We are not born perfect but we can ask for help to endure life in a better way. With the help of Astrology, one can relate to their inner self and alter circumstances, habits, and behavior to make life better. We cannot gain from the bad times in life but we can decrease their effect. So, astrology benefits to do so.

With the help of an expert astrologer or gemologist, you can get your birth chart done and understand the position of planets. Therefore, the astrologer will prognosticate, and recommend the best solutions. Ask expert astrologers at Navratan, who are encountered and practice in all kinds of astrological fields. 

Opal gemstone implies virtue, strength, and financial prosperity. It increases the intuition of the person and increases positivity in sectors like wealth, family, child, and fame.

Why You Need to Wear Opal Stone:

In Accordance with Western astrology, opal Gemstone is considered the birthstone of Libra. Whereas Indian Vedic astrology judges it to be a stone rising planet Venus (Venus). It is relevant to the symbol of Taurus (Taurus) and Libra (Libra). Therefore opal gemstone should be used for the good outcomes of Venus.

Benefits of wearing Opal Stone :

Opal gemstones hold good health, health, love, and wealth. Opal assists prefer life with luxury. Opal gemstones also help promote art and creativity. Opal gemstones are also used to benefit from the Indorami system and hormonal disorder.

Opal gem for Venus :

Opal gemstone is the gem for the brilliant planet Venus. According to Vedic astrology, this planet realizes glamor, industry, modeling, charm, love, beauty, romance, cinema, fine arts, the fashion industry, and the file industry.

This is why Opal stone is worn

This is why according to Indian Vedic astrology, using opal gems is recommended to the person whose birth chart or birth chart is said to encourage the planet Venus. Opal gemstone is also used by its native for personal charm.

This opal stone is a transparent gem

Opal gemstone is a translucent gemstone. It delivers love and happiness to the people wearing opal gems as per Vedic astrology. It is the most interesting of all gems and due to its game of shimmering colors, it seems the most fascinating of all the gemstones present on the earth.

Opal gemstones occur in many colors

Opal gemstones are discovered in many hues but the most common color shades are white, gray, pink, gray, olive-brown, and black. Opal gemstone is the national gemstone of Australia. Opal gem is the supposed birthstone of people whose birth planet is Venus. If the planet Venus is placed in a positive house then the opal gem has many advantages.

Benefits of opal gemstone

Opal Ratner for unity in relationships — Opal gemstone is the stone of Venus planet to govern the strength and luxury of relationships in astrology. Wearing opal gemstone yields unity and happiness in relationships. Wearing opal gemstones drives a person to a life full of charm, art, kindness, culture, and luxury.

Benefits in Artistic Fields: 

People who are working in creative fields like music, painting, dance, and theater, etc. can get innumerable advantages from wearing opal gemstones.

This gem brings stability to married life

One of the advantages of wearing Opal gemstone is that it delivers vigor and power to one’s love life or marital relationship. It is also helpful for bringing balance in a distressed married life and improving the overall social relations of a person.

Beneficial for health

Wearing opal gemstone in the curative system will help your immunity system and it assists in supporting the stability of hormonal issues of your body.

Opal Gemstone Cures Kidney

Opal gemstones are considered to be mysterious to improve kidneys. Opal gemstones are best to recommend in the problems related to the kidneys.

Beneficial to these merchants

This mystical gemstone is found more helpful for those people who are working in the field of clothes, fashion, jewelry, artifacts, expensive cars, etc., or those who like to trade all these things, there is value in deals compared to diminishing these items.

Opal should not be used with pearls:

Wearing garlic and onyx along with pearl gemstone ends the result of pearl. Therefore, the advantages of pearls have no conclusion. Garlic and onyx are the gemstones of the Rahu Ketu planet, which have the reverse effect when the stone is worn with pearls.

Keep in mind: Never use diamonds, diamonds, opals, emeralds, sapphires, onyx, garlic, and gemstones. It is prohibited in gemstone astrology.

Price of Opal stone:

The cost of Australian Opal gemstone in India varies from 700 to 3700 rupees. Is per carat. White Australian opal gemstone should be used for astrological advantages. Opal gemstone is regarded as good as its shine and white color. Such Opal 1200 to 3700 Rs. Counters are free. Sometimes they get more than this.

Black opal gemstone is also possible for Rs 400 to 1500. Per carat is available.

Things to keep in mind while buying:

Before buying any type of gemstone, it must be examined for its purity. Take the gems from the dealer you understand or first check their work thoroughly and then buy the gems from there. If you desire to use gems for astrological solutions, then you should check for a good lab certificate about the purity of the gemstone or expensive, and also get information about it through the internet and authorities.


The finest quality opal stone is distinguished by its clarity, shape, and quality. The stone should be shiny, flat, and monochromatic. Astrologers advise that the white opal gemstone is the best that is definitely obvious from both sides.

Where to get Opal Stone Online

Due to the growing trend of gems and jewelry, every jeweler will acquire this gemstone but it is not significantly natural as almost all gemstones can be served in synthetic form. Apart from this, online, an individual can shop for this fascinating gemstone or ring, bracelet, etc. Here there is something that you should keep in mind while buying a gemstone online. You must look for the certificate for the authenticity of the gemstone. If you are looking out for some finest quality opal gemstones then you must visit Navratan – The Online Gem Bazar which offers all the certified gemstones online along with GRS and GIA certificates.

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