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Choosing the best bank for student loans can be difficult. Now, banks ask many things from students to provide them with the loans they need. It started happening some years ago globally. Getting student loans is now a troublesome task. However, there are still many banks in the UK in 2022 which offer student loans easily. There is no doubt that the UK is the best place for students. Many international students come to the UK due to the flexibility of getting easy student loans.

Higher-level education is undeniably rigid. Students may need to ask for many types of help. For example, some students cannot bear the burden of research tasks they need to hire an Online Dissertation Help service. However, the problem is that hiring an online academic help service costs a lot. That is why some students tend to seek loans from banks.

The Best Banks in the UK for Student Loans 2022

If you are thinking to study in the UK, you are lucky that you can get student loans there. Most students from around the globe choose the UK for study because their banks still offer easy student loans. On the other hand, you may face many issues to get student loans if you go to any other place than the UK to study. Perhaps you are curious to know which banks are the best for student loans in the UK in 2022. Well, you will get to see all those banks below.


HSBC bank is one of the best banks in the UK for student loans. Its name is derived from the founding members, and stands for “Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited”. Although, the reason behind founding this bank was something else to lend student loans. However, this bank fits well with the needs of international students. HSBC offers a good percentage of student loans directly in their students’ bank accounts. Thus, you just have to open a bank account there and ask for student loans. If your profile meets their lending criteria, they will surely fulfill your wish.

Besides, remember that you cannot open a bank account if you are not 16 or above. Not that only, if you want to open a bank account in HSBC, you must not own any other bank account in the previous record. It is a strange policy of HSBC, but it is what it is. However, the benefit is that HSBC will not charge any fare upon you while you return their loans back.

Barclays Student Bank

The Barclays Student Bank is undoubtedly the best international student bank in the UK. Students can easily send or receive money from abroad without paying any charges. This bank’s purpose is to help international students financially in the UK. However, you have to pass the criteria to open a bank account here, such as needing to be over 18. Also, they will only open your bank account if you have registered yourself in a two-year undergrad or postgraduate program in the UK.

Besides, once you successfully open a bank account at Barclays Student Bank, you can seek student loans easily. A huge amount of the UK’s international students choose Barclays Student Bank to lend loans. Luckily, this bank offers up to £10000 loan to a student. It is enough to cover tuition fees and many day-to-day living expenses. Aside from it, you can do a part-time job to earn some money to afford other things for yourself.

Natwest International Student Account

The Natwest International Student Account is the most preferable bank in the UK for international students. It is immensely beneficial for international students, as it does not only offer student loans but many things. By making an account in this bank, you will get 50% off in nearly all restaurants in the UK. Not that only, the international students get 25% off on traveling in the UK if they pay through their Natwest bank account.

However, the Natwest’s bank requires you to be 17 or above. Also, if you have lived more than three years in the UK, you cannot open a bank account at Natwest International Student Bank. There is no doubt that this bank’s policies are strange, like all other banks in the UK. Yet, the profits are many if a student opens a bank account at Natwest International Student Bank.


If you want interest-free student loans with easy eligibility criteria, the LLOYDS Bank is the best choice. Many of the UK’s students prefer LLOYDS Bank over any other bank due to its flexibility. Besides, it is one of the top banks in the UK and favors international students. Also, if you open a bank account at LLOYDS, you can receive or send Euros without paying any charge. Yet, you must be 18 or above to hold a bank account at LLOYDS. Not that only, you also need to provide reasoning to stay in the UK to get their bank account.


The Royal Bank of Scotland is simply the best bank for student loans in the UK. They do not only offer one but two different types of loans to students. Perhaps you are thinking about the types. Well, one loan type is for tuition fees, where students can lend loans to pay their academic debts. On the other hand, the second loan is for students’ personal expenses and maintenance. Luckily, a student can avail of both loans once without going through many hurdles.


Whether you want money to hire an Online Dissertation Help service or have to pay your tuition fees, the above banks can help. These are the best banks in the UK that help students survive their academic life. Thus, if you are studying in the UK and want to lend some student loans, consider the banks above. I believe these banks will not disappoint you with their excellent student loan help.

Besides, there are some more banks in the UK that offer student loans that you do not find in this article. However, the above banks are the best for lending student loans. So I suggest giving them more priority than any other bank in the UK.

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