Can You Customize Your DTH Plan in the Middle of The Month?

If you are willing to opt for a DTH plan, be assured there are a lot of benefits waiting for you. But, to redeem them you have to pick out the best plan available in the Indian market. There are best DTH providers like SunDirect, Tatasky, Airtel DTH and many more. You can find your best pick from the Airtel DTH plans if you want more options. You can also do all DTH recharge online without much hassle.

Some packages may not include all of the channels you want. By adding individual channels to your desired plan, you have the opportunity to create your own DTH package. However, if you have the right plan in mind and want to change it, you can do it at ease now. There are several methods for changing your DTH plans online. Through third-party applications, you can browse through many Airtel DTH plans and also do all DTH recharge in an effortless manner.

Here are more details regarding customizing your DTH plan in the middle of the month.

Changing your DTH Plan through the website

If you are looking to customize your Airtel DTH plans, you can straight away do it through the Airtel website. Head to the Airtel website and login into the Subscriber Corner with your service ID or registered mobile number to change your Airtel Digital TV package. A pre-determined password or a four-digit OTP delivered to your phone number will also be required. By using the website, you can do all DTH recharge concerning Airtel.

You’ll be directed to the Subscriber Corner page, where you will need to choose the Digital TV option from the left sidebar. Select the Manage TV Channels feature by scrolling down a little. By clicking the same, you will be able to see the current selection of channels. To edit the current selection, click the edit existing plan button.

You can now choose your preferred Airtel DTH plans. The left sidebar allows you to view different genres or choose a recommended pack. The channel packages for your DTH connection can be selected from the list below. The package price and the number of channels will be displayed in a card format. Click Select this plan at the bottom of the page to confirm your selection.

Ensure that you have all the channels you want on your DTH connection in the selected package. Scroll down to see all the channels. Make sure you check the package’s price as well. Click on the Go to Summary button once more to move forward. Review the total costs associated with the selected package and then click Confirm & Charge on the new screen.

Changing DTH Plan through the Airtel mobile app

You will find your DTH connection details by scrolling right to left in the Airtel app. Simply click on the DTH connection card to reveal the details. After you have checked the details, click on My Account, scroll down and choose the option Manage TV Channels. Your current TV channel bundle will be displayed. Click the Edit existing plan option to make changes to your bundle. You can do this even during the middle of the month. Processing all DTH recharge related to Airtel is done in a simple manner using this application.

Scroll down to explore the different Airtel DTH plans that are available. Once you’ve found your preferred option, click the Select button. You may now see the pricing and channel count of your selected plan. Click the Go to Summary button to display the summary of your selection. Click Confirm & Change to apply the modified package.

Just like the Airtel website, the Airtel mobile app also allows you to bookmark your chosen Airtel DTH plans package for later usage. It is also critical to proceed with the aforementioned tasks, for which you must first check in to your Airtel account using the mobile app.

Changing DTH Plan through the Airtel toll-free customer care number

Changing a DTH plan is also possible with the assistance of the customer care team on call. The majority of the Digital TV service providers offer a toll-free number for customer queries and Airtel is no different. In addition to its website and mobile app, Airtel allows you to update your DTH channel plan by dialing their toll-free customer care number and talking to their customer specialist.

You can contact Airtel’s customer service team by dialing 18001036065 from your registered mobile number. They will change your Airtel DTH plans based on your preferences over the phone. You must have your registered mobile number with you because you will receive an OTP via SMS, before changing the plans. Only then you can proceed with the plan change. They will also let you know about all DTH recharge packs with the latest rates of the Airtel DTH plans.

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